American Red Cross Babysitting Course Giveaway

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 23, 2015

American Red Cross Babysitting Training Online Course

When I first moved to America 22 years ago, I knew I wanted to work as a nanny. I had been a babysitter for several years in Germany already.

Once I got my drivers license, bought a car, moved out of my temporary housing into a house I shared with other roommates in Burbank, CA, I took a babysitting course from the American Red Cross and went on to work as a sitter until I became a full-time college student. I loved being a nanny and personal assistant.

When the American Red Cross emailed me a few weeks ago about promoting their online babysitting courses, and wanting to give one away for you, I was thrilled to do it!

Talk about coming full circle :)

Would your sitters know what to do if your child fell down the stairs and a big bump starts forming? Or if that child suffered from nut allergies and accidentally ingested tree nuts?

To prepare babysitters for emergency situations and everyday challenges, the Red Cross is launching an online-only child care course for sitters aged 16+, a companion course to its online-only Babysitting Basics course for teenager age 11 to 15 years old.

The course uses virtual neighborhoods and animated families to teach potential sitters

  • child development
  • routine child care and behavior
  • safety inside/outside the house
  • the business of child care in a residential setting.

Advanced Child Care Training – Ages 16+, 4.5 hours online, $49

This course teaches those caring for children in a residential setting how to safely and responsibly care for children and infants.

The course covers the most common child care routines and behavior along with safety inside and outside of the house such as driving with children and water safety.

It features simulation learning, an immersive learning experience with engaging case-based scenarios involving typical child care situations, offers a safe environment in which to learn and practice procedures and develops the critical thinking skills required to respond to both behavioral and emergency situations.

Online training is self-paced and available 24/7, and can be completed in approximately 4.5 hours. Additional self-directed learning is included in the course’s resource center, including downloadable skill sheets on the subjects mentioned above.

Babysitting Basics – Ages 11-15, 4 hours online, $29

Launched in 2013, Babysitting Basics is an online variation of the Babysitter’s Training course. Designed for 11 to 15 year olds, the course covers topics similar to Babysitter’s Training, although not as in-depth. Participants will receive a digital diploma.

Online training is self-paced and available 24/7. Additional self-directed learning is included in the course’s resource center as described above.

Babysitting Training Online Course 2012

American Red Cross Babysitting Course Giveaway

One lucky Dagmar’s Home reader will win one (1) Babysitting Basics online course of their choice.

This would be great to give to your teenager interested in being a babysitter, or ask your current babysitter to take this course for added peace of mind.

Who wouldn’t want a more prepared and confident babysitter?

How to enter: just let me know what your favorite feature is of this online babysitting course in a comment.

For extra entries, like my Facebook page or become a subscriber.

Check out this hilarious YouTube video: Babysitter You Don’t Want To Be. It’s really funny, but it illustrates situations you don’t ever want to happen to your family.

You can also find more information on the Red Cross Chat (blog) about Babysitting Basics and the Advanced Child Care Training.

{Note: Advanced Child Care Training is not a licensing program and does not meet all state requirements for child care centers or day care providers. This is a sponsored post for the American Red Cross. All opinions are as always my own. Giveaway ends 09/20/2015.}

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