A Visit to My Friend’s Farm in Germany

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 4, 2015

farm in Germany, DagmarBleasdale.com

We’re having a wonderful time here in Germany, even though we’re dealing with an unusual heat wave.

Germans don’t usually have AC in the house, and even though the houses are built with bricks and stay cool much longer, it’s pretty hot here after days of heat.

After the fun day we spent with my mom and brother, Landon and I took a train to see my friend Karen and her family — including my godson Thore — on her farm in the country.

009aIt’s an hour train ride, which L always looks forward to. We usually visit them for one night every time we visit Germany.

Check out this post I wrote of our visit when L was only 2 1/2 years old — he still had his one little curl!

HB 5 Thi L treck

008aKaren picked us up, and after a quick stop at a supermarket, we reached her farm. I had never seen this kind of bread dispenser before, with a lever that lets you push the roll you want to the side so you can grab and bag it.

I also noticed how much cheaper food is in Germany compared to our New York prices. We bought a whole coffee cake for 3,50 Euros.

German bread dipenser, DagmarBleasdale.comKaren lives in a small country town full of farms, but you also finds gems like this.

049aMy Friend’s Farm in Germany

This is Karen’s farm, part of it. They also own a large windmill that makes wind energy. You can kind of see it in the background.

Farm in Germany, DagmarBleasdale.comSince it was so hot, Karen had just installed these sails in front of her windows to try to keep the heat out.

052aHer two boys weren’t back from school yet, and Karen let L help when she made Spatzle pasta from scratch for lunch.

025aKaren is an accomplished horseback rider, and breeds and trains horses and ponies. We met 30+ years ago on a farm where we both went horseback riding.

032aOnce Thore and Thilo came home from school, they ran off with L and showed him the chickens, the horses, the pigs, and all the other fun things you can and see and do — like picking berries — on a farm.

Even though L doesn’t speak much German, and the boys don’t speak that much English, you’d never know it — they get along great and are usually off doing their own thing while Karen and I chatting.

Here they are, miles away from the beach in a beach “Korb” on a small farm in the middle of Germany, enjoying a kids beer.

041aCountry kids have the coolest toys.

050aL and I slept in Karen’s camper they had just bought used — it’s pretty convenient to have all the extra space on a farm that you can simply add a camper to have for visitors and trips.

German camper, farm in Germany, DagmarBleasdale.comWe went to bed pretty late, and woke up to the farm noise in the morning. The boys had already left for school, and after we had a yummy breakfast of fresh Broetchen with Nutella and Camembert, we got back on the train to meet up with my mom, aunt, and brother in Bremen the next day.

I have many more photos to share — don’t miss my post about our visit to the historic town center of Bremen and my mom’s fairytale garden!

Have you ever been to Germany?

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ann July 7, 2015 at 1:00 AM

Yea, been there several times.. Tell us more about wind tower and how they make money from it. Where is Hess or Hessen?


Karen July 6, 2015 at 1:41 PM

Hi Andrew – miss u too (I know it wasn’t me u ment…)!
The pictures show the other side of the place u were, we moved into the house and raised a little family – time to visit us again! We would really enjoy!


Andrew July 6, 2015 at 12:48 PM

Love the pictures………
Wow….. miss you.

I remember Karen. We visited her farm…. was it a different location?

Love you,
Andrew from sunny, hot LA…….


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