An Update on Our Blue Cottage Garden Landscaping

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 12, 2015

Cottage Garden Landscaping, DagmarBleasdale.comIt’s time for an update on our Blue Cottage garden landscaping!

I took pictures of it before I left for our trip to Germany, and I planned to write the post there, but we were so busy every day that I didn’t get around to it.

Plus, I hardly ever take a vacation, and I wanted some days off.

I finally caught up on some sleep, the suitcases are packed away again, and now I’m all fired up to show you how our landscaping is coming along.

Do you remember what our house looked like last fall? Here is a reminder from when I wrote a post about our porch.

The “landscaping” was literally only the weeds that grew.

blue cottage porch in the fallNow that we finally have our driveway, I was able to started working on the landscaping.

Blue Cottage Garden Landscaping

I slowly started to add plants to the flower beds and also bought little plastic fences I found at Big Lots. One day I’d love to add a white picket fence around the property.

adding lattice to bottom of porch,

I scored those two white plant boxes on sale at Marshals. I also added two hanging plants, DIY porch curtains, and installed white lattice to the bottom of the porch I bought at Home Depot.

The porch curtains I made out of shower curtain liners are working out really well and keeping the rain water off our porch.

The last thing I did before we left for Germany was to add the big hydrangeas, which where a steal at $16 at Shop & Stop.

So this is what our landscaping looks like now!

020aThat’s my new car, BTW, after my old Honda CRV died after 18 years. I made a fence out of those left-over pallets a few weeks ago so L’s basketball wouldn’t end up in the pushes all the time.


I’m looking forward to all the flowers and bushes to grow much taller and fuller over time. The little tree I bought Don for his birthday last year that we planted in front of the house already grew a couple of feet.

016aThis is a long way from the cottage garden I envisioned in this post, but a nice start.

040aThat’s my little garden in the back of the house. I bought another piece of lattice and am going to cut it to fit the sides of the porch.

047aThis is another project: I want to plant flowers in these vintage enamel pots and bowls, and display them on this old ladder.




Cottage Garden Landscaping,

092aThis is what the porch looks like on a good day — it’s still often filled with bikes and other things. I can’t wait to add a shed to the Blue Cottage.

089aAnd I need to pull those weeds and add mulch.




097aThese solar lights are also from Big Lots. I added eight of them, and they look really cute at night.


Cottage Garden Landscaping, DagmarBleasdale.comProfessional landscapers would do a much better job, but I’m pretty happy with my first landscaping job. I’d rather save the money for a nice shed. I’ve already picked one out at Home Depot.


Cottage Garden Landscaping, DagmarBleasdale.comDo you do your own landscaping, or do you pay a landscaping company?

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michelle July 12, 2015 at 5:40 PM

it looks so cute! I do it myself also, but my daddy helps me. everyone always thinks he has someone professionally do his. I cant wait till next year to add some more stuff. I learned that my hydreangas LUV water.


Dagmar Bleasdale July 12, 2015 at 7:18 PM

Hi Michelle, yes, hydrangeas need a lot of water – I’ve noticed that as well! They didn’t get quite enough when I was gone and my husband watered them, but I’m making up for it now. You are lucky that you have your dad to help me.

I’m going to post about my mom’s lovely garden in Germany soon – don’t miss that post! Her garden is amazing.


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