Gold Toe Ultra Soft Socks Are Affordable Luxury

by Dagmar Bleasdale on June 18, 2015

Tracking PixelGold Toe Ultra Soft Socks,{This is a sponsored post for Gold Toe. Opinions are my own. I love these!}

Let’s play Things you don’t know about me: did you know that I’m super picky about the socks I wear? Most socks are too tight around my ankles, and that drives me crazy.

I think it’s inherited — my dad couldn’t stand that feeling either, and we both don’t have big ankles. And I don’t like thick socks, or socks that are tight around the middle of the foot.

You get the point: picky. Buying sock that I like has been a challenge.

I’ve been wearing white Gold Toe socks for years when I work out — they are thin and always fit great — and now they’ve got a new line of socks called Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft.

Gold Toe Ultra Soft Socks, Oh. So. Soft.

And they aren’t kidding: when they arrived, I called Landon downstairs because he just had to touch these socks.

Gold Toe Ultra Soft Oh. So. Soft. socks,

Oh. So. Soft. And so thin!

They are affordable luxury for your feet.

I especially like the “Quarter” size — they are the perfect length for wearing with sneakers and don’t bunch up under your feet when you’re running.

The “no show” size are perfect for when you want the comfort of socks but don’t want them to show out of your shoes.

Gold Toe Ultra Soft Oh. So. Soft. socks,

Want longer socks? Those are also available in this collection.

Gold Toe’s Ultra Soft, So. Soft. sock

Check out Gold Toe’s on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see all their styles.

I’m going to enjoy these socks all summer, and in the fall and winter I’ll double them up to keep my feet warm. It’s a good thing they sent three packs because Landon already claimed one whole pack.

Which style of these new Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks are your favorite?

{This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.}

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