Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish in Just Minutes

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 4, 2015

restoring wood with Restor-A-Finish,, restoring wood furniture

Would you like to restore the color of your wood furniture or frames, or get rid of scratches?

All you need is my go-to product and a few minutes.

After I bought a couple of vintage pictures at a tag sale today, I wanted to hang them in our home immediately.

The wood frames were in need of a little love, and I used my secret weapon — Howard Restor-A-Finish — to make them look all new.

restoring wood with Restor-A-Finish,, restoring wood furniture

That reminded me that I took pictures of how great it works months ago when I restored this framed vintage flower print to its former glory.

If you have wood furniture or frames with scratches and nicks, you’ll love Restor-A-Finish!

It comes in 9 colors, but I was told to get it in the Dark Walnut color as that works with all medium dark wood colors — it blends right in. And it only costs about $10 for a bottle that will last you forever!

It restores the original color while blending out minor scratches and blemishes like water marks and sun fading marks.

There is no need to strip and refinish the wood — just wipe on Restor-A-Finish!

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish in Minutes

This print was a tag sale find, and I almost passed on it because it needed some work.

As you can see, the frame was pretty banged up. This was a good spot to use for a before-and-after shot.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

The print had detached from the picture mat and needed to be straightened, so I first had to remove all of the little nails that were holding the print in place with pliers.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

The print had discolorations from where the matte had been, plus stains from tape that had been used to hold it in place for many years. I was able to remove some of those stains with a magic eraser.

That’s another trick I want to share: I have been able to get all kinds of stains off vintage china with the help of the magic eraser.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

Then I put some Restor-A-Finish on a rag and rubbed it on the wood frame. Make sure not to tip over the bottle as it will stain.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

The results are immediate: see how much better this spot looks? All of the woods gets treated, and the scratches and nicks now blend in.

I personally don’t mind those marks now that they have the same color — it adds to the vintage charm.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

After I carefully cleaned the glass, I taped the print to the mat, put it back into the frame, and nailed the little nails back in place.

Restoring Wood With Restor-A-Finish.

I wasn’t able to get rid of the brown stain on the print on the left, and there was nothing I could do about the discoloration on the bottom, but it looked so much better.

I’m glad I gave this pretty floral print 10 minutes of my time, and I ended up selling it for $40+ at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium to a young woman who wanted it for her bedroom.

restoring wood with Restor-A-Finish,, restoring wood furniture

Have you ever used Restor-A-Finish? You’ll absolutely love the results!

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candy June 19, 2015 at 12:30 AM

I love this product,my husband and I became owners to several antique pieces from both our grandparents,and great grandparents, some of the pieces dating back to the late 1700’s, Restor-A-Finish,was used by my late mother-n-law,and passed to my husband,who then amazed me with this magical liquid!!! We use it in our home,and also when we are working restoring homes,that have beautiful woodwork! ! So to anyone with a doubt,I stand by word,and Dagmar’s as well,that once you use this product you will never use anything else,to restore wood finishes!!!


Dagmar Bleasdale June 24, 2015 at 12:45 AM

Thank you for your nice comment, Candy!


Zan May 19, 2015 at 6:05 PM

I love how simple this is…yet looks so classy. Thanks for the bright idea! Thanks for linking up with us at #homematters linky party. Hope you join us again!


Dagmar Bleasdale May 20, 2015 at 12:57 AM

Hi Zan, thanks for coming by!


Catonya Owens May 7, 2015 at 2:43 PM

I love and swear by Restor-A-Finish! If I was forced to give up all off the shelf products except for one – this is the one I’d keep, no question about it. (no, I don’t work or receive compensation of any kind from Howard – I’m just a true believer in this product :)


Dagmar Bleasdale May 11, 2015 at 12:53 PM

I haven’t tried many other products yet but I agree, it’s a keeper!


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