Why a Shredder Makes the Perfect Gift for Dads and Grads

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 21, 2015

Fellowes shredder
{I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Fellowes Brands. I received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me.}

Are you scratching your head about that perfect graduation or Father’s Day gift?

Don’t look any further:

Fellowes M-12C shredder

Help loved ones stay on top of schoolwork or office clutter while also preventing identity theft — by gifting a paper shredder from Fellowes.

We’ve enjoyed the Fellowes M-12C shredder in our house for weeks now.

I first had it in my office, but we moved it to Don’s office nook upstairs because he gets a lot more use out of it.

He pays more bills than me, and he has the tendency to throw out whole pages with all of the account information because he pays most bills online. He doesn’t even bother to tear them up sometimes, which really worries me.

And he hides old checkbooks in our laundry closet.

This dad needed this shredder more than me.

I don’t want important information to get in the hands of crooks who could empty our bank accounts, steal our identity, or mess with our credit. I hear it can take years to fix having your identity stolen.


Having the shredder right under the table ensures that Don uses it right away when he has a paper he wants to throw out.


The Perfect Gift for Dads and Grads

The Fellowes M-12C shredder’s slim profile design and innovative technologies make it a great choice for at-home or dorm room use.

Features include:

  • Cross-Cut blades that destroy 12 sheets of paper into 300+ particles per sheet for greater security
  • SafeSense® Technology automatically disables the shredder when hands touch the paper opening
  • Shreds credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail!
  • 4-gallon bin!
  • A 5-minute run time before it automatic cools down

The M-12C is available at Target Stores nationwide and Target.com with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

My favorite feature is the SafeSense® Technology, especially for dads that have young children.

For grads, I think the ability to shred credit cards and all those offers for credit cards they get is the best feature. Someone else can sign up for credit in their name if those letters fall into the wrong hands. Having a powerful shredder that easily shreds all kinds of things makes their life easier.

The Fellowes M-12C shredder helps dads and grads increase their productivity all year — just put it within arm’s reach of their table so that whenever they need to throw something out with sensitive information on it, it gets run through the shredder instead of getting tossed into the trash.

It’s a simple way to prevent identity theft and fraud. Why take a chance? And shredding things prevents clutter.

Do you know a dad or a grad who would benefit from having a Fellowes M-12C shredder?

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