Family Fun and Nature Walk at the Greenburgh Nature Center

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 25, 2015

Landon and I discovered our new favorite place: the Greenburgh Nature Center!

On Saturday, they offered a “Fairy and Troll Nature Walk,” which sounded like fun.

I had been wanting to check out the Greenburgh Nature Center for a while, so we drove there after L read to our library dog in the morning.

Greenburgh Nature Center,

The Center is located off of Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale/White Plains (99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583) and easy to miss, but after you park and walk up the hill to it, you immediately see that this place is special.

It’s an oasis in the city, and just beautiful!

Greenburgh Nature Center

We paid for our entry and met up with all the other kids and parents that were there for this event.

The kids were encouraged to dress up, and there were some cute fairies running around! L decided to use his sweater as a “cape.”

The young lady who lead the walk really got the kids interested in looking for fairies and trolls. She encouraged them to pick flowers and make a fairy crown, and L and I rigged one up for him. He looked adorable.

Greenburgh Nature Center, DagmarBleasdale.comThere are several trails on the property, and we walked around looking for fairy houses.

014Found one!

Greenburgh Nature Center, DagmarBleasdale.comL really got into it right away, although he was one of the older kids there.

020It was wonderful to see him warm up to the lady and wanting to show her things he discovered, because he usually is more on the shy side in new situations.

022aAt one point, the kids were encouraged to make a house for the fairies, and L made this one. The fairies slept well that night!


027aAfter the walk, we checked out the awesome playground.

Greenburgh Nature Center, DagmarBleasdale.comMostly made out of wood, this playground looked like the ones you find in Germany: they really encourage imagination and discovery.

Greenburgh Nature Center,



036aSadly, this is when my phone died, and I’m missing pictures of us visiting the animals on the second floor of the Manor House.

We saw huge spiders, pet an iguana and chinchilla, and saw the most awesome little owl.

We’ll definitely go back to get pictures with them. Back outside, we also checked out the bee hives, the stage, birds of prey, and the bunnies, chicken, goat, and sheep at the barnyard.

The Greenburgh Nature Center is wonderful for family fun. You could spend all day there and bring a picnic lunch, or come for one of their many special events.

We can’t wait to go back. They are opening their “Walk Among Live Butterflies Exhibit” on June 27 !

Have you ever been to the Greenburgh Nature Center, or do you have a similar place in your area?

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