Contrast Lighting Using Hanging Lamps

by Dagmar Bleasdale on March 16, 2015

hanging lamps in cottage kitchen


Do you ever have trouble lighting your rooms?

I have this problem in our home all the time, because even though we have a lot of big windows in the Blue Cottage, we are surrounded by many tall trees that steal the sunlight, which makes taking photos in our home a constant challenge.

Whether you’re an accomplished interior decorator or a homeowner, lighting schemes can be a challenge, especially for multi-functional spaces like your kitchen and living room.

If you’re looking for a way to integrate a little contrast lighting into those spaces, then take a look at hanging lamps.

We don’t have one pendant light in the house yet, and I can’t wait to get an electrician in here to hang the chandelier I bought a while ago for our staircase, and some other hanging lamps.

Using Hanging Lamps

hanging lamps

With many people moving away from fluorescent lights, more and more are installing hanging lamps in key places of the home — especially in their living rooms and kitchens.

Here are a few reasons from why you might want to as well.

  • Task lighting: Drum pendant lights are a popular choice for this. Often designed with a bottom diffuser, this light source gives off a good, clear illumination that’s ideal if you need to slice up vegetables, deal with the dishes, work, or read.
  • Accent lighting: Think about accent lighting in your living room with hanging lamps. Use it to draw attention to the gallery of photos on the wall or certain vintage treasures around a room. Want more drama for your bookcase or fireplace? You can pull that off by adding another series of accent lamps.
  • Light as art: Brightness isn’t the only thing that can affect the mood of a room. Design is a factor, too. Want a dramatic centerpiece for the table? Then pick out pendant lamps from trusted brands like Lumens. Styles run from the transitional to contemporary and the casual to classic, along with pieces reflective of different period styles. You could go with a series of romantic, multi-point pendant lights or get one large pendant light for s certain spot.
  • Multi-functional: Our kitchens and living rooms see a ton of activity. With so many things going on, one thing you can do is to add hanging lamps to layer the light. If you’ve got your general and task lighting covered, you can switch on the right one to match your activity — an intimate dinner for two or a fun brunch with friends.
  • Space-saver. Floor lamps take up space, along with desk and table lamps. That’s not the case with hanging lamps. This saves you space, especially in areas like the sink or kitchen counter where you don’t have that much space and still need reliable light. With pendant lights, you get the kind of space-efficient lights you need. I really like these inexpensive pendant lights — three of these over a counter would look so cute!

DIY Lamp Installation

There are countless online resources on how to find and install contrast lighting, along with plenty of essential things you need to know if you want to do it yourself. You can probably also find helpful YouTube videos about this.

When you look for lights, check the following information, according to

  • the kelvin — scale for the color of the light
  • lumens — a unit standard that measures the brightness of a light source
  • and wattage — measures how much electricity a light source consumes

But don’t limit your research to just online resources. There are plenty of lighting showrooms you can check out and local professional who are happy to help you with questions and installation.

If you don’t know the first thing about electrical wires, it might be better to hire a professional to handle it for you safely.

Start taking advantage of contrast lighting in your home! With the right hanging lights, you’re sure to bring better light to the rooms in your home.

Do you use hanging lamps in your home?

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