Encourage a Love of Reading With Amazon Kindle and FreeTime Unlimited

by Dagmar Bleasdale on March 23, 2015

Amazon Kindle and FreeTime Unlimited review. DagmarBleasdale.com

In honor of National Reading Month, Kindle and the National PTA are working together to encourage reading! Now is a great time to get more involved in your children’s reading and foster their interest in books.

Building an early love of reading is so important. Don and I are huge readers — we both have a degree in literature — and we really hope Landon is going to catch the reading bug as well. So far he’s still a reluctant reader and not grasping the amazing world that will open to him once he is a confident reader.

I love buying books for him, and we read a lot with him. His books are everywhere: in every room of our house and our cars.

If you are also drowning in books or have a child that either needs a little nudge to read more or a child who can’t get enough of reading, the Kindle e-reader ($79) is the perfect gift.

It is especially great for kids starting to read chapter books. My favorite feature: zero distractions! I’m annoyed with L playing Minecraft and watching silly videos online.

When you read on a Kindle, it’s like good old-fashioned reading: no annoying noises, no Internet access, or other distractions. Hallelujah!

Amazon Kindle and FreeTime Unlimited

With a Kindle, your children can:

  • look up definitions as they read to build their vocabulary
  • increase the font size for easier reading by double-tapping the screen
  • the Vocabulary Builder stores words and allows kids quiz themselves with flash cards
  • Word Wise provides simple definitions above difficult words as they’re reading
  • read thousands of books for free, including classics and eBooks from their local library

Amazon Kindle e-reader review. DagmarBleasdale.com

L has a little friend who is a little older and a total bookworm. You should see the weight of this boy’s backpack he lugs on the school bus! He insists on reading on the bus, every day.

He’s just the kind of kid that would benefit from a Kindle: he could easily take all his favorite books with him without loading up his backpack. When he finishes one book, he can start the next one right away — no trip to the library or bookstore needed.

A great resource that encourages reading for kids is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited — a subscription that offers unlimited access to hundreds of hand-picked chapter books and early readers, all curated for age-appropriateness. It’s already built into the Kindle when you get it.

L wanted me to set up FreeTime Unlimited right away when we got the Kindle. I loaded it up with the first five books I thought he’d find interesting and we were good to go.

My favorite FreeTime features:

  • kids do not have access to social media or the Internet, and they can’t make in-app purchases
  • unlimited access to thousands of books — for only $2.99 a month!
  • you can choose the books you want your kids to read
  • you can set a reading goal (20 minutes a day, for example) and kids get rewarded with badges

Amazon Kidle e-reader review. DagmarBleasdale.comAmazon Kindle and FreeTime Unlimited review. DagmarBleasdale.com

I wish the subscription would also include easy readers, but I can buy those separately from Amazon.

I’d also prefer if the Kindle would be larger in general. This one is pretty small and some of the books we read have such a small font that even when you enlarge it, it’s still very small.

But when that happened, we just skipped that book — there are after all endless more choices!

Instill the love of reading with the help of Kindle and FreeTime Unlimited!

I know we will enjoy this Kindle for years to come.

{I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.}

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Create With Joy March 23, 2015 at 9:53 AM

So glad you stopped by today Dagmar – Happy Spring to you!

Did you know that I now host a party, The Book Nook at Create With Joy, just for book lovers? I’d love for you to join us and share your book related content with us!

Have a nice week and I’m delighted to connect with you on Instagram! :-)


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