Healthy Habits With LISTERINE Smart Rinse

by Dagmar Bleasdale on October 26, 2014

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Remember how I wrote about how it’s a daily struggle to get my son to brush his teeth?

Every morning and night it’s the same story — I have to watch Landon so he brushes his teeth long enough. Well, that’s still the case, and I often brush his teeth some more after he’s done because he gets cavities so easily.

So we haven’t lost that battle yet, but we found one product that is at least adding some more cavity protection — and he likes using it!

LISTERINE came out with a new product, Smart Rinse, that colors food particles green, so L can clearly see that he missed spots if he sees tiny green particles in the sink.


He thinks it’s cool to use this rinse — maybe it makes him feel like a big boy — and he now tells me, “I need to use the rinse!” after he brushed his teeth.

He’s excited to use it!

I’m really glad about that, but my goal still is for him to really grasp how important it is to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and then he’ll want to brush his teeth well and I can stop nagging him about it.

He’s turning 8 in a few days, so that might still be a while, but I’m crossing my finger it happens before he has any major cavity issues.

I don’t want him to have problems — and dentist bills — like Don and I have had.

For more info on this cool rinse, check out the LISTERINE YouTube Healthy Habit Heroes video series.

On my front, I still don’t floss every day like I should but have been using the LISTERINE Gentle Gum Care floss.

I keep it out on the sink in a pretty dish so I don’t forget. I have to keep up my own healthy habits to be a good example for L, and LISTRINE products make that easier.

What helps you and your family with a healthy oral care routine? I could use the tips.


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