Fall Nesting, Family, and Hot Chocolate

by Dagmar Bleasdale on October 23, 2014

Silk Almondmilk Dark Chocolate chocolate milk

Fall Nesting, Family, and Hot Chocolate

If you know me a little bit, you know that I love to nest. I love puttering around the house and could spend a whole week at home without feeling the need to leave the house or to see anyone.

Forget just nesting right before your baby is born — and I did plenty of that — that’s for amateurs. I could nest all year, but fall gives me an excuse to do it even more.

Fall is for nesting. For organizing things and getting ready for the winter. In the summer, it was too hot to go into the attic and straighten it out, but now it’s the perfect temperature.

A few days ago I finally made it up there and broke down tons of boxes I had been saving. I always think they will come in handy one day, that I want to keep one in every size for my Etsy business, but there comes a point when you turn into a hoarder.

It felt great to get rid of all those boxes and have space to organize the other things up there.

Fall is for decorating and getting ready for winter. For checking on how much gas we have for heating, and raking up leaves.

After the boxes were gone, I could finally reach all of our fall decorations without tripping and decorated our porch and living room.

And I found our winter clothes and exchanged them with our summer clothes. Don’t you just love fall for the sweaters, and the couple extra pounds they hide?

Fall is for comfort food. For going shopping in your own pantry, throwing a bunch of soups together, and calling it dinner. Our pantry is usually well-stocked (did I mention I’m a bit of a hoarder?), and I really should make a point of using up more of what is in there before I buy more food.

And fall is for family. For cuddles on the sofa under a big blanket. Today it’s a windy, rainy, gloomy day here in Westchester, and after I got my car inspected and picked up L from the school bus, all I wanted to do was cuddle on the sofa with my little boy.

He didn’t object. We found a family movie — Cheaper By The Dozen — and I made the first hot chocolate of the season.

L doesn’t drink much milk, but he does enjoy hot chocolate when the weather gets colder. A few days ago I was standing in front of all the Silk milk options in the supermarket and saw one I had never bought before: Silk Almondmilk Dark Chocolate.

I thought, “Perfect, chocolate milk L will love, it’s already mixed, plus it’s almond milk: extra calcium, non-GMO, and no dairy.”

So I heated up some of it, added some to my coffee instead of simple almond milk, and poured the rest into L’s special cup: the cup with the bunny peeking out.

These are the childhood memories I hope he’ll remember: snuggles with Mama under a blanket, the bunny in his cup, hot chocolate, and a good movie while the wind is howling outside.

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Do you have a food or drink that reminds you of childhood?

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