My Favorite Way of Donating to Charity

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 6, 2014

thrift store parking sign and kid's bike{This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Good Scout.}

Do you like donating to charity? It seems like every other week we are being asked to donate to a cause: at the supermarket checkout, by a friend who is running a race, by girls selling cookies, or to help out in our children’s school.

How do you feel about being asked to donate to a charity? Do you think it’s a bit much? Do you dislike checkout ladies asking you if you want to donate a dollar?

I’ve talked about my favorite way of giving before: aside from donating money to causes I’m passionate about, I love donating clothing and food to our community center and local thrift stores.

I regularly drop off things we don’t need anymore at the center with my son and make a point to explain to him that there are many less fortunate people, many of them kids, in our community.

Just two weeks ago we donated L’s first little bike to a church thrift store. That church just started a new food pantry program and I have been meaning to go by there to find out when we can help out. I’m really eager to volunteer my time, and I want to get L involved as well.

Another way for me to help out charities and causes is to tweet about them and their latest needs. Since I have so many followers, it gets out the message to a lot more people. I love using social media for social good.

donation box with donations

Whether it’s online, through an event or mail, or giving of our time and money, Good Scout wants to understand your donor preference, frequency, and motivation.

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What is your favorite way to donate your time and money? Which kind of request of donation do you not like?

Want your opinion heard? Then take this survey by Good Scout’s. I took it — it’s fun and really short. 

You can also sign up to participate in a Good Scout’s focus group on donor experience. Those selected to participate in the focus group will receive a $20 gift card.

Good Scout Group is a social good consultancy that helps brands figure out how they can do greater good.

Wonder how much people donate? More than $358 million was raised in 2012 by a group of 63, million-dollar-plus charity checkout campaigns. Incredible, right? According to the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council, the top thirty “thon” fundraising programs raised $1.68 billion in 2012. Wow.

Here is the survey again.

{This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Good Scout.}Tracking Pixel

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