Easter and Spring Break Fun

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 21, 2014

chocolate Easter bunny in mason jarI hope you all had a Happy Easter yesterday!

I ended up making these little treats for Don and L after I loved this idea so much.

L was thrilled when this mason jar with goodies greeted him at the breakfast table.

The night before, I filled these beautiful Easter eggs with chocolate and then snuck out the back door to hide them in our garden in the morning.

German paper Easter eggs and German chocolateL was with me when I bought all of this chocolate, and he has seen these eggs before because I used them to decorate the Blue Cottage, and still he didn’t catch on and believes the Easter Bunny brought him these goodies.

I really thought this year he’d ask a few questions, but I just love his innocence and won’t squash it.

We went to three other Easter egg hunts, but this one in our yard was his favorite because it wasn’t a mad scramble with a ton of other kids.

German handmade Easter eggs with chocolates at Easter egg huntboy opening Easter eggs after Easter egg huntI really enjoyed our Spring Break — we did a lot of fun things. We met llamas at the library…

…picked out ten different kinds of heirloom seeds from our library’s seed library…

hairloom seeds library…donated L’s first little bike to the thrift store (sniff)…

…and checked out The Farmer and the Fish’s cute Farm Shop for the first time.

Farmer and the Fish Farm Shop

Farmer and the Fish Farm Shop

baked goods at Farmer and the Fish Farm Shop

Now I’m looking forward to having extra hours to get caught up with work and restocking my booth at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium. I haven’t been there in a week — hopefully a ton of things sold because I have many new items to drop off.

How was your Spring Break? Did you do anything special?

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