Easter Egg Hunt, Mason Jars, and Composting

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 13, 2014

Easter egg huntL and I had the nicest day today. It started with the Easter egg hunt this morning and got better from there.

009-004This was the first really warm day after our never-ending winter, and I had seen a sign at our local park that the Easter egg hunt was scheduled for this morning.

There were hundreds of Easter eggs on the lawn, and about 80 kids who picked them up in two minutes after the bullhorn sounded. So much fun to see their excitement.

Easter egg hunt

I’m glad I got this picture of L with the Easter Bunny — might be the last time he’ll want to take a picture with him.

Sometimes I look at L and get glimpses of how he will look when he’s a teenager. Kids just grow up way too fast…

Then L and I drove to Newburgh Vintage Emporium to drop off a few more items at my booth. I decided to sell these three vintage mason jars because I have so many others.

Dagmar's Home Decor at Newburgh Vintage EmporiumLook what they have at the Emporium every weekend: free cake, muffins, scones, and coffee! That blueberry cake was amazing.

free cake and coffee at Newburgh Vintage EmporiumI wonder when this pretty, vintage chair will sell.

Dagmar's Home Decor at the Newburgh Vintage EmporiumL wanted to be in the picture of one of my favorite booths in the Emporium.  Zoey‘s carries wonderful chalk paint furniture and the coolest lamps.

Back at home, L ran off to play with his little friends across the street and I pumped up the tires of the four bikes we have on our porch. I’m going to donate the two small ones, and L can have the other two.

Then I worked a little bit in our backyard. I raked the leaves I never got to in the fall and filled four wheelbarrows.

After only concentrating on the inside of the Blue Cottage since we moved in, I’m now enjoy to work on our yard. It’s so fulfilling to have the Blue Cottage starting to look like I want it to look.

I recently order all kind of supplies for our first organic garden. Today, this compost keeper for our kitchen scraps and coffee grounds arrived.

compost keeper for the kitchenIt was also available in stainless steel, but since our kitchen is white, I ordered it in white so it would blend in on our counter. Our compost maker for the yard should arrive any day as well, and I’m looking forward to making compost for our future garden.

Don had been working all day and we met up with him at the Katonah Restaurant. Afterwards, he took L to Grandma’s house, and I actually had time to take a walk in the neighborhood.

trees and the moon during sunsetHow was your Saturday?

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