A Nesting Kind of Day in Our Little Cottage

by Dagmar Bleasdale on January 12, 2014

vintage, illustrated "Little Women" bookIt’s raining and dreary outside. The kind of day I just want to putter around the house. A nesting kind of day.

Very English Country, if you know what I mean. I would know, because I grew up in North Germany — same rainy, dreary weather.

But the romantic in me would rather imagine that I’m in an English cottage.

vintage New Year's card with cottage

I could stay inside for days. I love being home and don’t feel the need to go out — or even talk to anyone.

Don took Landon to basketball practice, so I had a few hours to myself. They came back for a little while and headed out again, so I’m getting a double-dose of “me” time.

Inspired by the Hallmark movies I’ve had one in the background while I’m puttering around, of pioneers working the land in the olden days, I aired out our little Blue Cottage and steamed some potatoes and carrots for a healthy lunch. I organized my closet a bit, which still has some unopened boxes in it from the move, and made tea with raw honey and milk.

vintage teacups from England

Then I looked through my current stash of vintage glass and teacups for the next batch of my soy candles. I’ve sold quite a bit and given many away over the holidays, so it’s time to make more.

A while ago I bought the most beautiful lot of vintage teacups from England at a thrift store I was going to make into candles. They would look lovely as candles, but I decided I just can’t part with them.

I don’t know what it is about vintage china and linens that I love so much, but looking at them makes me happy. I’ve definitely been born in the wrong time period. Our cabinet looks so pretty with the teacup collection, and I’m looking forward to set the table with them for a cozy afternoon tea with girlfriends.

I have many other glasses and teacups I can make into candles instead, so I washed many of them and started melting the wax.

candle making with vintage glass and teacups

I also decided to keep this vintage, illustrated edition of Little Women I bought on Wednesday at our library.

vintage, illustrated edition of "Little Women"

Landon was reading to the library dog and I was looking through the donated children books for sale and found it in the box. Why would someone give such a lovely book away? I ended up buying about 20 books for L, a whole bag, for only $5. Another wonderful thrifting find.

I finishing 22 more candles, and I’m looking forward to wrapping them in cellophane bags with pretty ribbons tomorrow. It’s another one of my addictions — pretty wrapping supplies. What can I say. And then they’ll be ready to be sold at Katonah Yoga Center and in my Etsy store.

What do you love to do with your “me” time?

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