Easiest DIY Halloween Costume And Lots of Crappy Candy

by Dagmar Bleasdale on October 31, 2013

easy Halloween costume, ghostL had two Halloween costumes — he could have been a NASA man or Harry Potter.

But he didn’t want to be a NASA man or Harry Potter.

He wanted to be a ghost.

So I threw a white bed sheet over him, cut two holes for his eyes and a slit for his nose, and we headed out the door.


We met up with a few families from the new neighborhood and walked around the block. L was bolting ahead of the other kids the whole time.

Boy dressed as ghost on Halloween running down street

He made up for two years of canceled trick-or-treating because of storms. He had so much fun. He’d run to the next house, come back with a handful of candy, hand us most of it, and shove one in his mouth.

Next house.

My mom, who is visiting from Germany, was impressed how independent he is. I was tempted to say “See, told you he’s not a Mama’s boy. Attachment parenting doesn’t mean your kid turns into mush.”

Glad I held that back.

After an hour we returned home, Nani made mashed potatoes and sunny-side-up eggs for dinner, and I hummed L to sleep.

boy eating Halloween candy

Then my mom and I watched a movie, gorging on L’s candy. We never have this stuff in the house, and it really is disgusting.

But I just had to remind myself how yucky Snickers really taste, and I just had to know what prize was in the Cracker Jack box.

It was a silly sticker, and an invitation to get the Cracker Jack app. Seriously?

Good day overall, though.

This was my costume, by the way:

"I Don't Do Halloween" T-shirt

How was your Halloween? What did your kids dress up as?

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