We Stayed Another Day in Cape May

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 30, 2013

029Don had to get back to Westchester for work but I decided to stay another day in Cape May with Landon.

I would have been fine with leaving, but Landon had too much fun at the beach.

He’s a fish, and it’s wonderful to see him in the water.

094And then we stayed another day and got to enjoy this quaint town some more.




024I got to chill in front of the TV a bit on this vacation and slept more than 8 hours every night for 5 night in a row, which is unheard of.

I didn’t have Internet access for my laptop in the house we were staying, so I couldn’t spend half my nights working and blogging. But I did take oodles of Instagram pictures.

011L and I rolled out of bed when we wanted to, had breakfast with the Bleasdale Clan, and didn’t make too many plans for the rest of the day.

014Yesterday we climbed Cape May Lighthouse with Grandma before we took her to lunch at the Carriage House Cafe.


011025The Carriage House Cafe and Tearoom offers dining in what used to be horse stalls, and that reminded me of our wedding at Lyndhust Castle. We had our reception in a similar carriage house there.


044“Mama, I know that guy!” L learned about Smokey in first grade.

006I was a very proud mama today seeing L fight the waves and trying to stay on his boogie board. It was pretty windy and he’d get knocked over or would slide off the board and just kept taking on the next wave, for a good hour.

He passed his swim test only a few weeks ago, but these five days at the beach really made him into a swimmer.


After driving for 4 hours, we’re back home in the Blue Cottage. I unpacked and am ready to tackle mail and email and work tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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