LEGO YouTube Channel Offers Fun Videos For LEGO® Fans

by Dagmar Bleasdale on February 5, 2013

Lego YouTube channel

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know what a big fan Landon is of LEGO® toys. He wishes for more LEGO® sets every chance he gets, and it’s the one toy he plays with every day.

I don’t buy him toys that much, but I bought L another set of LEGO® just yesterday because I love how they keep him occupied when he builds the model and then for days afterward when he plays with it. And when it falls apart, he builds his own creation.

LEGO® teaches him patience and spatial thinking, and he has to concentrate and follow the instructions or the model doesn’t work right. And when he needs help, building LEGO® together becomes bonding time with him.

When I learned about the Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube, with all kinds of fun videos for kids, I couldn’t wait to tell him about it because I knew how excited he would be.

LEGO YouTube Channel

He especially loves the vehicles and people of the CITY LEGO® theme — all the firetrucks and police cars and policemen and robbers. Being able to watch stories with his favorite characters thrills him to no end.

I was able to create a LEGO Channel playlist just for L that includes videos and little shows that I find appropriate for him, and I don’t have to worry about him ending up watching something he shouldn’t see.

I included videos of the CITY LEGO®, and some videos of how certain models that I think he’d enjoy get build. He also really likes the videos of the designers explaining their new models.

The LEGO® YouTube channel has over 500 videos, with more videos being added daily, so I can add to L’s playlist whenever I want and when his interest shifts to another LEGO® theme.

I restrict how much TV L watches, and the same with the LEGO® channel, but sometimes it’s wonderful to have something that entertains him when I need to work.

Yesterday, I was working on a DIY post that took me way longer than I thought it would, and L was happy to watch a few videos. And since we can access the playlist anywhere, I can see it come in handy when we are on the plane to visit my mom in Germany this summer, for example.

You can quickly create your personal playlist of your child’s favorite LEGO® theme. Custom playlists are an easy way to build something special just for you and your child(ren). Have fun creating your own!

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