BlogHer’12: What I Learned About Google+, Google Analytics, and Pricing My Services

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 14, 2012

Dagmar Bleasdale holding her BlogHer'12 badge in a sessionAfter a 4-event day before BlogHer’12 even started, and an inspiring and educational first day at the conference that included President Obama and three informative sessions, I couldn’t wait for Day 2 of BlogHer’12.

After asking some blogging friends for their input on Twitter, I decided to wear dress #1, which was a big hit. Several ladies asked me about it or remembered voting for it on Twitter. Next time I need to wear a different bra, though!

Note the one-handed iPhone grip I learned the day before in the iPhoneography class.

I also wore my favorite new find from Ebba, a lovely boutique in Katonah — this sweet chain bracelet I bought for less than $30.

Rhoda, the writer of one of my favorite blogs, Southern Hospitality, had surprised me with the nicest tweet after her session and we had made plans to get together. I was thrilled to have breakfast with her and to learn about her project — fixing up a cute house in Atlanta.

We chatted about Twitter and Ikea kitchen and her conference Haven, which I’m now determined to attend since it covers blogging and home decorating and DIY projects. Oh, would I be in heaven!

It was wonderful to run into Andi Silverman, a fellow breastfeeding advocate, who then joined us for breakfast. We both live in Westchester but have been too busy to get together. Now we are planning a breakfast at the Bedford Post Inn soon; can’t wait to catch up more.

I wish I could have talked with both much longer, but we had to rush to the first sessions. I had to check out of my room first and missed getting into Gina’s (The Feminist Breeder) and Jill’s (Baby Rabies) session about professional blogging, which was a huge bummer, but I ended up learning a lot in the Leveraging Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram session.

Here are some important Google+ tips:

  • If you share your posts on Google+, make sure you choose “Public” so that the whole Internet sees it, not just your limited circles.
  • Always add a picture — it makes the likelihood that someone will click on your post 20% higher.
  • Fill out all of the info on your Google+ About page! All of that is searchable and will be distributed through the whole Internet. Take advantage of the Contributor section to add links to other work you do — let Google know where else you are on the Internet and you will get rewarded with higher search results.

BlogHer'12 sessionUsually, there are several sessions going on at the same time that I want to go to, but the Google Analytics Tips session was a no-brainer because I don’t use it at all — and I should!

I use Statcounter, but if you really study your Google Analytics you can gleen so much information of what is and isn’t working on your blog.

In this session I learned to decode Google Analytics. Once you know what to look at — like the top keywords and phrases — it lets you get into the head of your visitors and tells you what they like and don’t, and you can make educated decisions accordingly.  Ask yourself: what is it about this page or post that makes visitors stay longer, for example.

Dagmar Bleasdale: BlogHer'12 sessionWith me every step of the way was my sponsor Little Pima. See, Little Pima, you are at BlogHer’12!

When it was time to get lunch, I ran into Rhoda again, but before sitting down with her, I had to meet blogger and farmer Kat Pinke (Pinke Post) in real life. She is a sweetheart and we had the nicest chat about farming and GMO. We talked about working together on a blog post or two — she lives on a farm in rural North Dakota and I have a lot of questions about farming.

Then I ran back to my table to watch the keynote with Katie Couric while we ate. She is pretty inspiring and refuses to believe that getting older limits her in her career. She is gearing up for her own daytime show, and I bet it will be a great hit. Being in your 50s doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to offer anymore — I agree with Katie that it’s just the opposite!

BlogHer'12 lunch keynote with Katie CouricAfter lunch, I rushed through the expo halls and picked up a few samples I know will come in handy, like Boiron’s homeopathic remedies. Little did I know that I’d need the cooling arnica gel the second I came home — Don had taken L to the beach and was totally sunburned.

Expo hall at BlogHer'12It was time for the last session, and How to Price and Value Your Services with the lovely Cecily Kellogg and other bloggers was the logical choice. The bloggers on the panel encouraged us to ask them personally about their advertising prices to get an idea of what our ad prices should be.

bloggers sitting in BlogHer'12 sessionCecily tweeted out two very useful links to her PicMonkey Media Kit Tutorial and a starting point to determine your sponsored post rate.

And then I had to rush off to the last big Momtrends event. We were picked up by a school bus for Lands’ End “Night School” and I got to sit and chat with another blogging friend, Grenda from Busy-at-Home.

Dagmar Bleasdale and Glenda Embree at BlogHer'12

We learned a ton about Lands’ End’s new backpacks, lunch boxes, and Iron Knees pants. And we got to design our favorite back-to-school outfit! This is how I would love to dress Landon for his first day of first grade:

Lands' End back to school outfit for boyI can win a price if you “Like” this outfit, so like away!

And then we got the star treatment: makeup and a headshot. I didn’t bother to get my hair done because that would’ve taken forever and opted for just some blush and lipstick. Colby did a super job.

Dagmar Bleasdale and ColbyMakeup

Dagmar Bleasdale at Lands' End eventHere is my headshot: it was so hot in this venue and the fans messed with my hair, but I like it. I just wonder why my eyes are blue — they really are green.

Dagmar Bleasdale

After a pitstop to learn about healthy school lunch options from hunky Sam Talbot, I couldn’t wait to grab my bags at the hotel.Dagmar Bleasdale and chef Sam Talbot at Lands' End event

BlogHer’12 had been a blast, but I was tired and ready to head home and see my little boy.

At Grand Central I had to change my phone, and this is where I found an outlet and had to wait for it to charge. Artsy.

Having a bit of fun with my phone while it was charging.

Can you tell I was anxious to get on the train?

Did you go to BlogHer? What was your favorite part? I took a ton of notes and have a lot of work ahead of me. Big, exciting changes are in store for Dagmar’s momsense!

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Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye August 18, 2012 at 7:31 AM

Hi Dagmar. Just letting you know you will be one of the featured posts for Flash Blog Friday next week. Thanks again for linking up. Cheers Bree.


Dagmar August 19, 2012 at 12:08 AM

That’s fantastic, thanks, Bree!


Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye August 18, 2012 at 6:44 AM

As someone who would loved to have flown from Australia to attend BlogHer12 I loved this post and the very useful links. Thanks!


Dagmar August 19, 2012 at 12:09 AM

Glad you found it so heplful. Come to Chicago next year :)


NYCSingleMom August 16, 2012 at 3:33 PM

Loved your recap Dagmar and it made to realize that at the next BlogHer to try to get more out of the conference sessions. You went the ones I wanted to go to so I am glad that you learned a lot.


Dagmar August 16, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Hi Linda, thanks for the comment and fun seeing you at BlogHer! Glad you liked my post. I know several people who didn’t go to many or any sessions – I really go there to learn a lot and end up missing all the parties :)


Brittany August 16, 2012 at 10:44 AM

It looks like you had a fabulous time and I wish I had seen you! Sophia will be in a uniform for Kindergarten but we of course, we got them from Lands End!


PragmaticMom August 14, 2012 at 2:25 PM

Wow, I learned so much from reading your post. I was there too but it’s like we were having completely different experiences. I guess BlogHer is like that. Your headshot looks gorgeous and thanks for Google Plus image tip. Ugh, I need to do more with that!


Nicole Feliciano August 14, 2012 at 11:38 AM

Sorry about the heat, but so glad you made the Lands’ End event and I like the blue eyes!


Dagmar August 14, 2012 at 12:20 PM

Hi Nicole, I had the best time, regardless of the heat. I think the Iron Knees are really cool! Good to know for when Landon needs new long pants. Lands’ End clothes are so high-quality and affordable.


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