Not Me! Monday — Playmobil Drama and Shopping Carts

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 9, 2012

I did NOT buy Landon another Playmobil police car — he already has the same one and we have so many Playmobil toys in the house that we keep tripping over the school bus or stepping on miniature plastic flashlights.

I did NOT buy it for him, seriously.

After real tears started to fall, which was a first, I compromised and did NOT let him use his own money to buy this $20 extravaganza.

I would NEVER smuggle a Trader Joe’s, non-GMO cereal bar into Starbucks for Landon to save money and to feed him a healthy snack.

And I’d NEVER let L walk around like this.

I certainly did NOT forget to schedule L’s yearly physical. So we got to catch up today.


I do NOT love this little boy for being able to list five vegetables I supposedly feed him. Plus, I certainly do NOT let him watch more TV than his pediatrician would like me to, but we scored big in the no-junk food department.

I do NOT love this picture — because L looks like such a little boy, counting the dinosaurs that are painted around the room. How sweet is that little finger. I do NOT miss him being little.

He’s NOT AT ALL growing up way too fast. Way.

I do NOT let L play shopping cart returner, NOT even if it takes 10 minutes for him to return every last one he can find to the store.

Today, I did NOT make getting school supplies a fun treasure hunt.

After he wanted to hide under the boxes, I did NOT ask L to hang his hand out of the cart so I can get a picture. Who does that?

Guess who asked him to pop out his head so I can get another Instagram picture — NOT me!

And I did NOT let my little man return more carts.

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Antoinette Romero July 10, 2012 at 12:20 AM

WOW!!! He is so big! I can’t believe it. Great pics.


Dagmar July 10, 2012 at 12:27 AM

Hey, Antoinette, found you on Instagram and your three have gotten so big as well! How are you guys?


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