First Race, Soccer, Yard Sales, Face Paint, and a Magician

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 5, 2012

Our Saturday was action-packed. I had read about a 400 meter race and thought Landon might want to run his first race.

Sure enough, he was interested, since many of his older cousins are runners and he has seen them race at local schools.

So we got up early and he raced before his soccer practice at 9:30 AM.

I don’t have pictures of the start and finish because I taped that, but here is my little man after the race with his big medal — he ran like a champ and came in second! Boy, was I proud!

Looks like he does have the athletic Bleasdale genes — his speed doesn’t come from me :)

I ran off to a tag sale, found a few bargains, and met up with Don and L at soccer practice.

After soccer, I stopped by the nearby thrift store and picked up some more teacups for my teacup candles.

When I we saw a sign for a yard sale across the street, I couldn’t miss that, of course. On the way, we came across a lot of dandelions.

L picked a whole bunch and gave them to me. Is there anything better than flowers from your kids?

After I found a few more little treasures (Lenox vases for $2 each I’ll also turn into candles) and walked away from a beautiful desk that was just too large and too heavy, we ran into my girlfriend and her girls (fellow soccer players and L’s “sisters”). We had a quick lunch with them and then Heather told me that the frozen yogurt store around the corner had a big celebrations.

So we lined up for face painting…

…and frozen yogurt.

We got free T-shirts, the kids got interviewed for TV, and a magician delighted them.

I was completely beat once we got home because I had written until late at night — and it was only 3PM!

I decided I just didn’t have the energy to get on the train for a party I was invited to, but Don took L to a birthday party, and then they went to the playground and baseball field for 1 1/2 hour before they came home.

He’s watching Cat in the Hat next to me right now after his bath and his eyes are about to fall out of his head.

Time to get this little man into bed. What a full day we had.

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