Proud but Reluctant Soccer Mom

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 24, 2012

I said I would post the tutorial for my teacup candles next but I wanted to update you first on a few things that are going on with us.

Landon started soccer. I wasn’t in favor for getting up early on Saturdays — I enjoy our lazy Saturday mornings — but Don really wanted to have L start a sport. L was part of a class with an introduction to three different sports last spring, but that didn’t give us a good idea about which one he gravitated to.

So we got him on one of AYSO teams at the last second (Friday night) and Don and L went for the first meeting last week.

The understanding was that soccer is L’s and Daddy’s thing, and that I will tag along when I have time. I also blog/work on the weekend.

This Saturday I wanted to see him play. Somehow the fact that I was coming made it my responsibility to get L there on time. I could have told you that was going to happen — it’s like getting a puppy and knowing it’s going to be all your work. :)

L and I picked up his uniform the day before and he was beaming with pride.

I found his chin guards used at Once Upon a Child when I resold them some toys, and Don picked up used cleats from a local sports store.

Sure, we could have made it easy on us and bought everything new in one place, but I’d rather pay less and reuse items that L is only going to wear a few months.

It was the perfect weather to be outside and although I’m not as enthusiastic as many Americans are about team sports, I of course enjoyed watching L. In Germany, you participate in sports after school as a hobby if at all, it’s not nearly as important as it is here.

I personally think there is a real danger to make sports a huge part of a kid’s life — I’m afraid it will take away time from academics with all that running from one game to the next. Most of the kids won’t be professional athletes, so why make sports the thing they define themselves by for years and then it all of a sudden stops (after high school for most.)

I see the value in teamwork, etc., but I almost think it’s not fair to the kids to emphasize sport so much. I understand if I’m alone in that thinking; but that’s just how I was raised, plus I’ve seen bad outcomes when parents made sports the focus.

Sport will not always be in your life, but no one can take away good study habits and a great education from you. Being amazing in swimming doesn’t matter on a resume in the end, or does it?

It was wonderful to see L enjoy himself.

He already looks like a little pro, doesn’t he?

Soccer is huge in Germany, so it would be fitting if L liked soccer and my dad would smile in heaven, but we’ll see if he wants to continue after the first season.

On Sunday was the Artists’ Open House my girlfriend Heather was hosting. She had invited me to sell teacup candles I had talked about wanting to make, so I made my first batch and then another during the week and was up until 2 AM on Sunday wrapping them all.

And I went a little overboard also making gift baskets. Just a tad.

I had a lot of fun scouring local thrift stores for those shabby chic-y teacups and learning how to make the candles. By the second batch I knew which temperature is best to get nice-looking candles.

Heather featured art from her mom and sister, both talented artists in Vermont, and two potters, plus my creations and her own potted plants.

This is just a sample:

Heather’s mother hand-carved and painted these animals, aren’t they stunning?

My candles have been a hit with friends and family, and I’ve been asked if I’m going to start a business making them. Maybe a side business, but I have so much going on, I shouldn’t even say that. :)

One more thing: I was nominated for and made the list of Top 25 Green Bloggers of 2012. Thanks, SkinnyScoop!

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MusingsfromMe/Jill April 25, 2012 at 2:33 PM

Like you, team sports was not huge back home in England. Boys played soccer in school. I don’t recall hearing of any soccer teams back then. But, many British soccer teams recruited boys at 12/13 so perhaps the teams were not that competitive. My school was an all girls’ school. We had teams for netball, rounders, and tennis. I wasn’t very sporty.


Janae Wise April 24, 2012 at 4:14 PM

I agree with you, it’s a tough balance. My biggest concern is over scheduling. I want my kids (especially under the age of 10) to know the joy of free play, outside, & with friends & siblings. They’ll have pressures of life soon enough…


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