Our Sunday: Toilet Brush, Pottery, and a Stop Sign

by Dagmar Bleasdale on March 26, 2012

This was our Sunday today: Landon and I went to the Katonah Art Center’s Open House.

I have been wanting to visit the art center for a long time, and this open house was a great opportunity to learn more about what kind of classes they offer for L’s age.

I made miniature sculptures out of Fimo clay for years and even sold them for a couple of years in a store in Los Angeles, and I took two semesters of pottery classes in college.

I’m a terrible painter but a pretty good sculptor. I’d love it if Landon would also like sculpting and making pottery.

We made three things: a teddy bear, a hippo, and a shark we can pick up in two weeks.

Just now when I was editing this picture I noticed it — is that a toilet brush?

Ceiling decoration in one of the other rooms in the Katonah Art Center.

Landon was really into making the clay figurines, but he was most interested in using the pottery wheel. He was really upset when he didn’t get to try today and was told he wouldn’t be able to until he’s 7.

I knew just the thing to make him feel better — a late lunch at Panera Bread. L could eat their mac and cheese and yogurt every day. And he was hungry because he had been hiking Turkey Mountain with Don in the morning.

Our last stop: return something at Kohl’s.

Little helper. He returned every cart he could find in the parking lot. While I’m making sure he doesn’t get run over.

That was our Sunday. Well, the part I caught on camera. What did you do?

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