My Juice Cleanse: Day 2

by Dagmar Bleasdale on February 20, 2012

I made it past Day 2 of my juice cleanse.

Day 2 was a little easier than Day 1 because I was busier and we went for a steep, two-hour hike.

And it was harder because Don and Landon had sandwiches right after the hike. Right in front of me.

And in the evening we went over to Don’s sister’s house and her husband had made the mostly heavenly smelling vegetarian lasagne. But I stayed strong.

I felt good on Day 2; I wasn’t even that hungry. I didn’t have the best energy during the hike, but I made it up that very steep hill. Still no nausea, which I was dreading the most.

But I have been craving salty food like crazy. I don’t even care about chocolate cake or a Snickers bar — just give me some chips with avocado!

When I weighed myself after Day 2 this morning, I had lost another 1.5 pounds, so that is a loss of four pounds in 2 days. That’s fantastic, since I have such a hard time with losing weight.

Did I tell you that this juice cleanse is a family affair?

Don’s sister Maria got us all interested in it after watching Joe Cross’s Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary, and she’s on Day 10 today. His other sister tried the cleanse but felt terrible on it and stopped on Day 4, and Don stayed on if for seven days. His other sister is interested in trying it as well. We are all crazy about juicing by now.

I still like the juice and made a ton more this morning for Day 3 so I don’t have to clean the juicer twice in a day. It takes quite a while to make that much juice, and I won’t miss the sticky kitchen floor once I’m done with my cleanse.

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Jasanna February 20, 2012 at 11:59 PM

Good job!! :) I’m kinda wanting to start the cleanse up again. :) You’re inspiring me! That fat, sick and nearly dead movie definitely is motivating! But I know what you mean about the counter/floor/everything getting sticky. It might help if we had a better juicer, but ours takes a while to clean and is smaller so we can only juice a smaller amount at a time. Just takes a while. :)


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