Cleaner Air With Bionaire Tower Air Purifier and aer1 Filter

by Dagmar Bleasdale on December 21, 2011

Breathing fresh air is crucial for our health, especially for our growing children.

But the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that levels of many pollutants can be up to 100 times higher indoors vs. outdoors!

When opening the windows isn’t enough, it’s nice to have the help and added security of an air purifier that clean the indoor air we breath of pollutants and allergens.

We have been trying out the Bionaire PERMAtech® Tower air purifier with the new high performance aer1™ filter for a few weeks now and love it.

The aer1™ filter system is a new line of portable filter technology that can be paired with Holmes® and Bionaire® air purifiers.

This Bionaire PERMAtech® Tower with digital display features an optional ionizer, remote control, and permanent filter that never needs replacing.

It removes up to 99% of airborne pollutants as small as 2 microns such as dust, pet dander, and pollen from air passing through the filter.

The tower is stunning and small enough to be stored away easily. I mostly have it run in our bedroom.

If you put it on the largest setting, it’s definitely loud – I wouldn’t be able to sleep next to it — but I just close the door when it runs. I like having it on the biggest setting to do the fastest job. It is quiet in the lower settings.

My favorite feature is that you can program the Bionaire to just run for an hour or two (up to 4), so I just turn it on and forget it. My son loves the little remote control, of course.

Our down blanket has the annoying habit of losing the tiniest feathers when I make the bed, and they are everywhere in the bedroom, but the filter cleans all of them out of the air.

To me, anything that can make my family’s life healthier, be that organic food or non-toxic cleaning products, is worth the investment.

We track in so many pollutants each day, and there really is no way to know how bad our indoor quality is, so I’m glad we now  have the Bionaire air purifier as an added tool to make sure we breath clean indoor air.

{I was given a Bionaire air purifier and filter to facilitate this review, but no other compensation. This is my honest opinion. Photo credit}

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Annie @ Mama Dweeb December 21, 2011 at 5:19 PM

We have so much dust from living in the country. I think I will check out this purifier. Like you said – whatever improves my family’s health is the best!


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