Help Your Picky Eater With This Fun “Food Face” Plate

by Dagmar Bleasdale on October 7, 2011

Do you have a picky eater? Then listen up!

By now you know that I’m on of the Ebates Savvy Living Community leaders. I add Health and Beauty discussions, chime in on other discussions I find interesting, and host at least one live chat a month.

I always learn so much during those live chats. During the last chat on Healthy Snacks, one mom mentioned the Food Face plate she bought to get her picky eater to eat. I checked out the link and this plate with the face you decorate with food was so adorable! I just had to have it for Landon.

I don’t shop online a lot, I rather go to stores, but I wouldn’t have known where to get this plate. So I just went to, searched for the Food Face, and sure enough, the supplier Uncommon Goods carries it.

By going to Ebates first and not directly to Uncommon Goods, I got back 5% of the purchase price. And because Uncommom Goods sells all kinds of handmade and eco-friendly items, I looked around and also found a gift for my mom. Score!

If you are not a member of Ebates yet, they will give you $5 for trying it out.

The Food Face plate arrived today and I couldn’t wait to use it.

This is what it looked like tonight with chicken and quinoa and two green beans:

And wouldn’t you know it, L ate the green beans first! And then asked for more to “decorate” his plate again. This boy hasn’t touched green beans in a year. Success!

I have a feeling we will use “Fred” for every meal from now on.

(I had covered the kitchen table with a plastic table cloth for an art project, just in case you were wondering).

If you have a picky eater, you need this Food Face! You’ll thank me later, trust me. And this makes such an awesome, unique gift any expecting or new mom will love.

Here are some of the discussions going on in the Savvy Living community right now:

Should we have a “Fat Tax” on unhealthy food?
How often do you get a massage?
Do you remember and recycle your plastic bags?

Come join the fun!

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Mommy's Paradise October 7, 2011 at 5:45 AM

That’s a really cool idea and I totally agree, it works. I don’t have that face plate, but sometimes when I really want ‘Timan’ to eat something I arrange the food in the in the shape of his preferred toy of the day, i.g. a car, a locomotive a boat and so on. Much better chance he actually eats the wheels and the chimney, aka veggies. :-)


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