Kindergarten: He Was Ready, I Wasn’t

by Dagmar Bleasdale on September 10, 2011


That word has been swirling in my head for months now, and still I’m in denial.

Landon started kindergarten today.

He was ready. He bolted toward the bus.

I wasn’t.

He’s going to be in school from now on — forever. I’m crushed.

Well, not forever, but you get the idea. No more spontaneous trips to get school supplies (since when do backpacks cost up to $60?)…

…to the new, self-serve ice cream shop we just had to try out…

…or the local Once Upon a Child (we ended up getting that NASA costume with a hat and a Buzz Lightyear backpack for $7 in exchange for the things they bought from me)…

…or going to the movies (for the first time — we watched Cars 2).

We did all that yesterday, the last hurrah before I’d loose L to kindergarten.

To tell you the truth, I’m surprised I got him on the right bus, on time, with a new backpack and all the requested school supplies.

(Well, I forgot that he could bring a stuffed animal. We had discussed which one would get to go — the bunny — but we forgot in the end. I forgot.)

I fell asleep with him the night before, so instead of having everything ready, it was a mad dash in the morning.

Kind of like the day he started preschool. Remember this picture? Same crazy hair. And a German Schultuete filled with little gifts, of course.

I’m always kind of surprised when we make it through these special days because it’s always a first for me. Being a mom, breastfeeding, parenting, first haircut, first cavity, preschool, now kindergarten.

Preparing for preschool was one thing, but this kindergarten business — this is so different.

Although L hardly ever missed a day of preschool in two years (really only a week after his tonsillectomy), preschool didn’t feel like this. Now L is gone for 6.5 hours, every week day.

Bus routes, low-odor dry ease markers, meal ticket, ugh…

Don and I got him on the bus and an hour later I already hated how final this felt. I’m not good with these milestones.

Yes, we will still do a lot of fun things, but a big chunk of L’s time will be spent in kindergarten and then school from now on.

He jumped off the school bus all happy after 6+ hours — I’m excited for him and so glad he had a great first day. And I’m excited to have more time to work, exercise, organize the house… Oh, the possibilities.

But this Mama still needs some time adjusting to this situation. I’m not loving him being gone so long. I’m not loving not knowing what kind of floor cleaners they use or what kind of oil to make the cafeteria food. (I’ll find out.)

I’m not loving that he was already sent home with a request to raise funds by having him sell paper goods or that I’m not allowed to surprise him one day and have lunch with him.

I better volunteer to be class mom :)

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MamaBennie September 11, 2011 at 1:57 PM

Next year my oldest will be starting preschool. I am kind of torn about it. It will be a nice break to have only 1 child to chase after. I think it will be hard for D though, as E is her only play companion right now. I think I will be fine though, because I have another child to distract me. Now when D starts school, that will be a different story. I will have nothing but dead silence while they are away. Then I will probably be heartbroken.


Kimberly September 10, 2011 at 9:04 PM

We had our first day of preschool last week. We both had some tears, but now I feel a little more prepared for this week. There is no turning back time now. At least it’s just two days a week for us for now. Oh, and JD came home with a fundraising packet too!


Tara September 10, 2011 at 6:26 PM

I can definetly relate! When my eldest started school I was devastated and had exactly the same thoughts…what cleaning products is he inhaling? and what on earth are they selling in the cafeteria? The hardest thing is relinquishing that control and trusting that despite the floor cleaners and questionable food that school is the RIGHT place for our kids. My son has thrived in school (despite grave fears it would be the opposite!) and in opposition to the toxic cleaning products and hideously unhealthy cafeteria I joined the schools leadership council and now I have a voice to address some of the concerns I have. I highly recommend getting involved in the school as I love knowing what’s going on and having that extra insight!!!


Jack@TheJackB September 10, 2011 at 1:15 PM

I had a hard time with preschool but got over pretty quickly. School has been so good for my kids, I love watching their growth.

My oldest is in 5th grade now. It blows me away to realize that middle school is just around the corner. It really does go so fast.


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