by Dagmar Bleasdale on September 22, 2011

Be Grateful note

Two major things happened just recently that helped me reassess my priorities and to achieve more balance in my life: my dad died suddenly and Landon started kindergarten.

My father’s death immediately reminded me what is most important in life: family. It’s amazing how things I was so stressed about instantly became less important when I learned that he had died.

I had to fly to Germany for two weeks and some things just didn’t get finished when I wanted them to get finished – and it was no big deal in the end. I need to stop stressing about work and remember to make my family my priority.

I had time to reflect and grieve and spent time with my family in Germany and got an unexpected break from being a mom. I’m grateful I got to celebrate my dad’s 85th birthday with him just a month before and that I have many pictures and some video of that visit.

And I’m grateful that all of my other family members are healthy and that Don was able to come to Germany for a few days to celebrate my birthday.

I want to make an effort to feel gratitude every day for everything I have in my life. Looking at pictures of my dad will remind me how blessed I am. And now that L is in all-day kindergarten, I will have time to refocus and finally get back to exercising to make sure I stay healthy.

How do you strive for balance?

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