BlogHer Checklist Done, San Diego Here I Come!

by Dagmar Bleasdale on August 4, 2011

I’m sitting at the airport, about to board my first flight. Because I’m cheap, I insisted on using miles I have been saving for 10 years, and the only connection I was able to get to fly to BlogHer ’11 was through Seattle.

Here is hoping that both flights will be on time, because when I get to San Diego I need to rush to the first BlogHer party, Haute Green.

This was my checklist yesterday and today to get ready for BlogHer:

Bring son to pediatrician after he wakes up complaining his foot hurts. Instead of him going to preschool and me being able to pack leisurely and work a bit, take son to pediatrician although he is not dragging himself on the ground anymore by the time of the appointment.

Run errands with son. When did nail polish get this expensive? Treat at Starbucks – coffee for me, brownie for L.

Someone is excited for Mommy to go to BlogHer!

Have fun in LOFT with L, who keeps hiding in the racks of clothes and making suggestions of what I should buy.

Hanging out with my little boy is so much more fun than packing. Take advantage of $15 birthday freebie card and get two belts for $16.

Pick up dry cleaning at green dry cleaner.

Almost faint at the costs. I had a 30% off coupon, and you could still buy new clothes for that!

Try to drop off donations at the thrift store for the third time in two days, but the sweet old ladies must be sleeping in or forgot to put up a sigh “Closed in the summer.” Can’t wait to drop off that toy that keeps playing “The wheels on the bus“ song because it’s buried under the other donations.

Back at home, phone call with Lynette, founder of SwaddleDesigns, my wonderful BlogHer ’11 sponsor. The two boxes of SwaddleDesigns BlogHer swag are on the way to my hotel in San Diego, yay! Tear up for the second time today thinking about being away from L for four days for the first time.

Lay out all my outfits, try on several of the dresses and shoes, finally start packing while encouraging son to pack his own and not my suitcase.

Bubble-wrap all my fancy shoes so they don’t poke fancy dresses that just got the fancy dry cleaning treatment.

Pack manual breast pump – don’t ask. I’m amazed I even found it.

Too frugal for manicure and pedicure, plus can’t hold my breath for half an hour to avoid the fumes in those places, so painting nails myself at 10 PM. Have to get up at 3 AM.

Add more bubble wrap to the suitcase to fill it so I have space for BlogHer swag on the way back. Hope that baggage handlers don’t open it because it keeps popping.

Tweet a bit, then off to bed at 11PM.

Get up at 3AM, iron some clothes for the first time in 20 years. Answer call from driver who can’t find our house and explain the way five different ways.

Kiss Don and sleeping L good-bye. Checking e-mails and try to doze on the drive to Newark airport. At least there is no traffic at this hour!

Check in at airport, have coffee and peanut M&Ms for breakfast. Treat myself to Country Living and People magazine. Nice man in line reminds me that I’m tagging on 8 hours to my trip by insisting that I use my miles. He shuts up when I tell him that the flight cost me $25.


I’m looking forward to 4 days of me-time, reading magazines, rooming with Annie (PhdinParenting), meeting blogging friends, learning a lot, and going to parties. Not looking forward to the travel time and 4 days without L.

I’m in the air as I finish writing this. Will try to post it on the flight from Seattle to San Diego.

BlogHer ’11, here I come!

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dramaqueensmum August 7, 2011 at 2:49 PM

Have fun. Tell us all about it after.


Kathy Morelli August 5, 2011 at 10:30 AM

Love this blog post! $25! Wow! I am going to Seattle for Postpartum International’s annual conference in September, where I am speaking about BirthTouch, mindbody method for stress reduction & bonding during pregnancy.
But I didn’t use my miles, as we want to go on vacation on 2012 to Squaw Valley! Need them for that!
I hope I can go to BligHer next year! Meanwhile I am staying home with nic and doing BlogHer on TW at home this year!


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