Our Fun Trip to Germany: Day 7

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 17, 2011

On our seventh day in Germany we walked to a kindergarten for a special celebration for the twins across the street. It was their last day in kindergarten and they were getting ‘thrown out” of kindergarten in a special ceremony.

The building that now houses the kindergarten is where I went to bible study class for my confirmation many years ago. It was nice to see the place again.

This picture is for you, Odie :)

Several of the moms of the kids that were graduating had made loads of wonderful cake for everybody.

The kids had worked on a play they created themselves for weeks with the help of their teacher.

Landon had great a time playing with all the kids after the play. My mom and I were busy eating the cakes, and all he wanted to do was play.

It was wonderful to see him not be afraid to join them although they didn’t understand a word he said. The amazing thing is that that never seems to bother the kids — they just have fun playing and don’t seem phased by the language barrier. And even though L doesn’t speak German except for a few words, he does understand more than you’d think and never once asked me to translate something in our two weeks there.

Eventually, the seven kids graduating were each carried out of the room on a decorated chair and then put on a little decorated carriage to be officially “thrown out” of kindergarten with everyone singing a song. They were not allowed to come back in. It was a really sweet ceremony and made the kids feel special.

After that, we all went into the garden in the back, where the kids planted and get to harvest vegetables and have a wonderful playground that encourages creative play.

Back at my parents’ house, we rested a bit, ate again, and hung out in our backyard.

Later, the twins came over with their huge kettcar.

The next day I learned from the local news that a balloon made an emergency landing on top of a company’s roof. I’m wondering if it was this one?

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Odie Langley July 18, 2011 at 1:48 PM

I sure have enjoyed your time in Germany with all the wonderful pictures. I have saved most of them to my blog friends board at http://www.pinterest.com and my search would be langley27 if you want to have a look. Hope everyone is well and happy.


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