Take That, Facebook: Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos

by Dagmar Bleasdale on May 27, 2011


Facebook keeps deleting pictures of moms nursing their children when they have been reported as obscene and is even going as far as suspending accounts (like The Leaky B@@B breastfeeding support group, which is back online after a huge protest).

I’m sick of Facebook not taking a stand that breastfeeding is normal and not obscene. There are plenty of other pictures on Facebook that are really disturbing or sexist — delete those all you want, but leave the little skin you might see of a nursing mother alone!

If a mom wants to post a picture on her Facebook account of nursing her child, she should be allowed to do so. Those moms are, and should be, proud of their accomplishment, and if they feel comfortable to show a little skin in a photo, that’s their prerogative. No one else has to look at it — if you don’t like the picture, don’t look or unfriend that person. It’s very simple.

I don’t believe in making a spectacle our of yourself when you are nursing in public, but I also believe in the right to nurse in public as long as both mom and child desire.

If you don’t want to see a mom nursing, please be courteous and leave and allow that moms to feed her child. Don’t make her feel bad for feeding her child the way nature intended it. Be the adult and let the need of a baby trump your feeling of maybe being a little uncomfortable. That mom doesn’t mean to offend you; she is just responding to her child’s cry for food.

I don’t think anyone has ever seen any skin while I nursed my son in public for three years. And I never used a nursing cover — I don’t have anything to hide, plus they are just not practical. Trying to latch on a child while struggling with a nursing cover will get you more attention in my opinion, but some moms feel more comfortable using one. Most people never even knew I nursed L right next to them.

Since Dagmar’s momsense is my house, I can post whatever I want here. Moms, if you’d like me to post your breastfeeding picture here, email it to me and I’ll happily post it.

Or better yet, let’s show power in numbers and link up a post below that includes a picture of you breastfeeding!

Let’s show Facebook that breastfeeding is beautiful!




Submissions by Dagmar’s momsense readers:

Danika Carter send this poster from the Library of Congress:

from Angela

Link up your breastfeeding picture!

Facebook, we all think breastfeeding is beautiful!

Mission Hot Mama noticed this post and mentioned it here: “Hot Topic: One Mom Shows Facebook Breastfeeding Is Beautiful.” Thanks, Hot Mamas!

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Yakini June 4, 2011 at 2:09 AM

This is wonderful, Dagmar!


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