Dagmar’s Holiday Gift Guide

by Dagmar Bleasdale on December 1, 2010

These are my favorite gifts for this holiday season.

Make a donation!

Best for Babes: Their mission: Women are being urged to breastfeed but are set up to fail by the cultural and institutional barriers (the booby traps) that keep them from making an informed decision and achieving their personal infant feeding goals.

BFB is creating a cultural shift in the way we view and support breastfeeding. New moms deserve to be inspired, prepared, and empowered™ with positive images and messages and smart info. Please consider donating to Best for Babes.

Heifer: Heifer empowers people to go from poverty to self reliance via gifts of livestock, seeds, trees, and training that provide a multiplying source of food and income. I think this is a fantastic idea to give less-fortunate people the ability to make a living and climb out of poverty. I have given Heifer gifts to family members in the past, and this year I made a point of letting Landon choose which animal we are going to donate. He chose a goat :)

Kids Clothing and Toys:


Want to surprise a child with is or her first bike and a big box?

The YBIKE is a balance bike that helps kids with balance and coordination skills. It’s lightweight and can be used indoors and outdoors. Landon loves his!

Nobby Organics was started by a local Westchester mom who wanted quality, organic products for her five children.

I adore these two items, which Daria crafts herself! Daria makes these beautiful, heavy Waldorf beautiful dolls: an unbleached linen sack holds about 4 pounds of organic millet mixed with a delightful blend of organic herbs and essential oils.

The millet gives the baby a comforting heaviness, the wool absorbs body heat and warmth, and the herbs add a calming effect, making these dolls ideal for a young child.

The NobbyOrganics Wool Sleep sack is crafted from 100% organic merino wool and its outer layer is soft 100% organic linen and a blend hemp and 100% organic cotton to help little babies sleep safely.

The organic merino fabric is lavishly soft, comfortably lightweight, itch-free and safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema, and sensitive skin. Merino fabric has an amazing natural ability to regulate body temperature, eliminating the risk of overheating.

Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship: Landon and I LOVE this toy. If you want to get a special toy for a child that’s between 2 and 5, this is the one to get ($29.99). L can do so many different things with this toy, and it keeps him busy for a long time. I love that the ship has wheels, the tunes it plays are not annoying and can be turned off, and the two figures and the shark are adorable. Plus, the cannon actually works!

Color Blanks:

Going to a pottery place to let your child paint some pottery is very expensive.

Now you can do something similar at home: Color Blanks let kids (6+) design their own plastic character with stickers and markers. ($4.99 and $9.99)



These cool bags are made out of recycled magazines, juice boxes, phone books and sea shells.

My favorite is the “Devon” Recycled Magazine Tote Bag.



BE THE MEDIA | Buy The Book!Be The Media: Know someone who wants to make a living being their own boss? Then David Mathison’s book is the book to get! Anyone will love you for getting this amazing resource.

Be The Media is a compilation of expert advice about how to make a living with what you love to do, be that blogging, teaching music, cooking, or having your own radio show.

This book can be applied to any job. Here is my extensive review about this fantastic book.

How was School Today? Fine. Shannon White, a Westchester mom, pastor, and speaker, and her 11-year-old daughter co-authored this book as a guide to help elementary school-aged children (tweens) and their parents have real and open conversations about important issues.

This is a great resource for parents, and I’ll make sure to have this handy in a few years!

The Secrets Sisters Keep: Need a gift for a sister? Do you live in Westchester? Then get this book! I’m reading Jean Stone’s juicy novel right now and it’s so much fun.

It’s a multi-layered story about four sister’s coming together for their uncles birthday party, and they haven’t seen each other in many years — not since their parents died in a fire. Find out which one of the sisters is to blame for that. Hollywood plays a part, as does fictitious places in Westchester.

Dinner for Busy Moms: Jeanne Muchnick’s book is for “crazed, multi-tasking” moms who can’t find the time to cook or are intimidated by cooking — like me. It will help you to get the whole family around the table with easy, accessible meals. Jeanne includes strategies, expert advice, and recipes in this fun book. If you know of a mom who is struggling with cooking and want to make her life easier, this is the gift to get her.


I grew up with Weleda’s excellent products in Germany and will give these away for Christmas: the Weleda Body Oil Essentials Kit ($14.99) and Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care Kit ($9.99) are the perfect, affordable stocking stuffers.

Travel-sized and in beautiful packaging, these kits are also a perfect gift for the jetsetter.


HotPrints will let you make 4 photo books for free every month! I’ve already made three.

I was given the Megabrands toys, the YBIKE, and Weleda kits for review, but no other compensation, and this is — as always — my honest opinion. All other products are additional personal favorites I wanted to mention.

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