Not Me! Monday — Fried Dough at the Grange Fair

by Dagmar Bleasdale on September 13, 2010

We did not make our annual trip to the Yorktown Grange Fair this weekend. This time the weather wasn’t as nice as in previous years, but we still did not have so much fun.

This picture does not look familiar:

I did not eat half a pound of fried dough, the one thing I look forward to the most when we go to the fair.

Landon was not fearless — he did not go into every kiddie ride by himself, smiling from ear to ear. It’s fun to compare how much more timid he was last year. I was really surprised how self-assured he was — he was bolting toward every ride and did not even think to ask me to come with him.

L was dying to go into the adult rides — and I think he would have had fun in them. I’m afraid of heights and speed, so you can’t even get me into kid rides. Thank goodness for height restrictions. I about had a heart attack seeing his head hang over the railing of the big Ferris wheel Don took him on. I couldn’t wait for them to be done.

We brought home three new plush animals L isn’t going to care about tomorrow, but I’m glad we went to the fair for the third time and continued the tradition. After a hot dog, sandwich, ice cream and friend dough, we all needed a nap.

How was your weekend?

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Odie Langley September 14, 2010 at 4:19 PM

There is just something special about the smells at a fair that gives you that wonderful feeling. For me it’s polish sausages.


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