Which Austen Heroine Are You? I’m Emma!

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 23, 2010

I love Jane Austen novels, I wish I lived during those times — the constant drama, the juicy romance, the incessant reading, the walks in the park, the frilly clothes . . .

Have you read this post I wrote: BlackBerry or Little House on the Prairie?

Gosh, I need to find the time to reread some of Austen’s novels. A girl can dream, right? (Nowadays I’m lucky if I have time to read a magazine in the bathroom . . . anyone with me here?)

When I came across this fun quiz yesterday, I couldn’t help myself and had to find out which Austen heroine I am:

And: I’m Emma!

Of course I would be Emma! She’s described like this:

“You are Emma Woodhouse of Emma! You like being the queen of your social circle (small and provincial as it may be), and feel it’s your duty to help those less influential than you. You often meddle in the affairs of others, though you do it with a pure heart. You are often deluded in your flights of fancy, but your good intentions and creative spirit make you someone anyone could like.”

Yep, that about describes me :)

I am Emma Woodhouse!

Take the Quiz here!

Which Austen heroine are you? Does the description fit you? Let me know! :)

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Laura @ SuperGlueMom January 24, 2011 at 5:39 PM

I was Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! how funny. thanks for sharing!


Liz April 24, 2010 at 3:14 AM

I really thought I’d be Elizabeth Bennet, but it turns out I’m Marianne Dashwood! It says…

You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a bit too brutally honest. You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply, and love passionately.

Now that’s cool. I can be impulsive, and am absolutely brutally honest. I do enjoy novels, play piano, and have an excellent singing voice.
.-= Liz´s last blog ..Don’t Judge Me =-.


Janet April 23, 2010 at 10:30 PM

I am Elizabeth Bennet. The Jennifer Ehle Elizabeth Bennet :) Suits me perfectly.

You are intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of ridiculousness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill indeed.


Alexis April 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM

I’m Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! “You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.”

As long as Emma Thompson plays me, I’m happy! :)
.-= Alexis´s last blog ..O Mighty Kale Chips =-.


Renee April 23, 2010 at 12:34 PM

I guess I am Elinor Dashwood :-)
.-= Renee´s last blog ..Who is the lucky one? =-.


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