Cupcakes and Collard Greens

by Dagmar Bleasdale on January 3, 2010

Today was a great, fun-filled, nesting day. I didn’t exactly get to sleep in, but I was exited to get up and finally check out Gossett’s Farm Market in South Salem, which features a lot of organic produce and products.

My friend Heather, who blogs at Katonah Green, organizes events there, and since Don and I want to eat more locally grown produce, I couldn’t wait to get going.

I don’t have pictures of the market because my camera wasn’t charged — sorry. It was nice to see Heather and introduce her to my two men.

She had a table set up and showed people how to make this yummy, immunity-boosting hot drink with lemons, honey, ginger, and water that fights colds (cayenne pepper optional if you want to sweat).

There were about 10 other exhibitors who braved the cold, and we must have bought something from every one of them.

We bought delicious organic Artisan French Country bread after Landon stuffed himself with all the samples, a scone, black bean soup, some jam, blue onions, collard greens, apples, some mushroom paste/salad you eat with just bread . . .

It wasn’t cheap, but I was so happy to come home with all this beautiful, healthy food and happy to support local, organic farmers and bakers.

After we stopped in town to get the mail, my sister-in-law and three of her kids came over for the afternoon. Don and Maria wanted to watch the movie “Food Inc.” on demand.

I would’ve liked to see it as well, but I decided to entertain the kids with making cupcakes.

I had just bought this muffin-making kit for a dollar on sale at Target yesterday, thinking it would come in handy one day, and it certainly did.

Reading the ingredients made me shudder . . . Let’s just say making these was more fun than eating them — not even the kids ate much of them.

The kids where helping with adding some chocolate chips to the cupcakes and helping themselves to plenty as well.

Putting on the finishing touches — frosting (stick of butter) and sprinkles. Yum!

The final masterpieces:

After we finished the cupcakes, the kids played with every toy in the house, including Play-Doh. Good thing Santa brought more of it at Christmas :)

After our visitor’s left, Don went to lie down because he was in a lot of pain and his shoulders were killing him. He had felt much better for two days, and now this.

It’s very discouraging but even more reason to try to heal his body with nutritious, plant-based meals.

If all the drugs he has been subscribed didn’t help him, it’s time for a radical change in diet. So while I let Landon watch a Dora DVD, I got going and prepped and cooked the collard greens.

I tried out one of Alicia Silverstone’s recipes from her fabulous book “The Kind Diet.” It’s more than just a cookbook; it’s will change your whole outlook on food and the environment.

I made Sicilian Collard Green with Raisins and Cranberries, sans the Pine Nuts, which I didn’t have. It certainly takes a bit of prep time to make this dish, but cooking it takes only about ten minutes.

Voila! You know what would have made this meal perfect for me? Some Brie!

I think next time I am going to cook the collard greens a little longer, but I liked them. Don on the other hand . . . Let’s just say he was very proud that he ate his whole portion.

I think I need to find a different recipe for him, maybe something with a richer sauce.

Anyone know of a yummy collard greens recipe? Don will be eternally grateful to you.

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Julie January 3, 2010 at 11:45 PM

How about just boiled and then put with vinegar and butter. Your collard greens are a bit like our swiss chard, I think, and that’s how we eat them. Just wash well, boil or steam, your choice, until tender put a serving in a bowl, add a bit of vinegar and add butter. My dad also salts and peppers his. Let butter melt and eat. Not to bad as long as you washed them well, I ate a lady bug once because she didn’t get washed out. Not the most tastiest part of the swiss chard.
Just an idea.
Glad to hear you had a great weekent. Ours was cold, -33* when we left for our trip to the cities, now it’s -10* and heading to -35* or so. With wind-chill they are talking -45*. BURR!!
Have a great week. Thanks for sharing.


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