Thank You Cards for Breastfeeding Moms

by Dagmar Bleasdale on September 17, 2009


I woke up after falling asleep with Landon and here I am at midnight printing out “Thank You Notes” for breastfeeding moms. I just stumbled upon this site, Militant Breastfeeding Cult, and although I am so not a “cult” person, I was intreagued by the words “militant breastfeeding.”

I guess that is me by now — I am passionate about breastfeeding and entered the realm of militant (in my estimation) after wearing my “Yes, I am STILL breastfeeding” and “I make milk, what’s your superpower?” T-shirts in public. I also sport the “superpower” sticker on my car.

These cards are great, but I think I’ll design my own and post them as a download so you can freely use them.

Dear Mom,

I noticed you are breastfeeding your child and I wanted to say “Thank you.” Breastfeeding your child in public makes a statement that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful. Breastfed children have the same right to be fed when they are hungry as bottle-fed children, and your simple act will make breastfeeding more acceptable for the general public and empower other moms to exercise their right to breastfeed in public as well.

Sincerely, Dagmar

Dagmar’s momsense

Would you give a breastfeeding mom this kind of card? Would you like it if someone gave you a thank you card for breastfeeding? Do you want me to create a file with these so you can download and print them? Let me know!

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zealandsmom October 11, 2009 at 1:15 AM

Ok so where is the new updated version?….can’t wait to print them out!!!


Rachael September 20, 2009 at 7:48 AM

Cool idea! So many moms get so little support, and I’m talking more about emotionally than breastfeeding. A compliment and a kind word can mean SO MUCH to a mom who is giving, giving, giving all day.

I’d probably just stick to the first line with the closing line, “your simple act will make breastfeeding more acceptable for the general public and empower other women to exercise their right to breastfeed in public as well.”

There are so many opinions and practices when it comes to breastfeeding and while most breastfeeding women would agree with you, not all feel as strong about it and they might find it a bit alientating.

Eh, just my 2 cents worth.

And for the record, I was an avid breastfeeder. 3 kids and kid 1 and2 were breastfed while I was pregnant. :) I wish I had a shirt then that said, “Yes, I am STILL breastfeeding my child.” LOL!


Jennifer B September 17, 2009 at 8:47 PM

Can I call you that? I’m on a one-syllable name basis with my good friends and although we haven’t met in person, I sure as heck want you for one of my friends. I started reading your blog just a short while ago but I think we’re very much on the same page. Anyway, I first thought the thank you card idea was creepy (and kinda creepy looking from that pic) until I read it and my heart just sang. Now I want some, I hope you do design some up, and I’m dying to see a mom NIP so I can give her one. Unfortunately, I hardly EVER see it where I live. Funny, because here in sunny Miami you can see all kinds of boobs, I think this is the capital of low-cut shirts and topless beaches! I personally don’t dig reading the serial numbers on all the silicone, but hey, whatever. Not my issue. What bugs me is that I feel like I’m the only one in the world who breastfeeds here. Everyone I know says they couldn’t do it. Blah, blah, blah. Even the few I know who did BF, stop after a few months. In all my time out and about, I rarely, and I mean hardly ever, see a little nursling getting his/her fill. So I feel like a freakazoid whippin it out wherever we are. But I do anyway. And I wish everyone else would too. BTW, they make breastfeeding bumper stickers? Seriously? Gotta go google it. :)


Brittney Clark September 17, 2009 at 2:02 PM

i would give these out for sure, when ever (which is not enough) i see a mother nip. i always tell her keep it up! it is worth every bit to keep our babies healthy!!! I too sport all the t shirts and the sticker on the car! I am a mom to 3 little girls, 6, 4, and 2.5…. and 6 months along with my little boy! I am still nursing my youngest, I’m planning on tandem nursing the 2 of them! It always means so much to have the support of other nursing , and I AP moms!!!! I know we are all out here, just seems like we can only find each other on the net!!! Do you have a facebook?


Dagmar September 17, 2009 at 3:14 PM

Yes, I have a Facebook page, you can find the badge in my left sidebar. Great connecting with you. Best, Dagmar.


Kristy September 17, 2009 at 2:01 PM

I think this is a lovely idea. Just two days ago I saw a mother breastfeeding her newborn son. If I had one of these I may have walked up to her and said thank you. She was at a Wal-mart inside the Subway restaurant. I hope I’m as brave when my little one arrives. I know I will breastfeed but not sure how I will do it in public. I know I won’t do it in the bathrooms.


Jacqueline September 17, 2009 at 6:56 AM

My first thought was that it would be strange to give someone this card, or to have someone give it to me. Then I thought about my own story. I tried for 7 years to get pregnant with my first child. My older sister (that didn’t want to have children) got pregnant without even trying. She was a reluctant mom, so I was incredibly surprised when she decided to breast feed her daughter. She is also VERY MODEST!!! I never thought she would breast feed in public… but she did! She continued to breast feed for a little over a year. And when she went back to work, she pumped so her daughter could still drink breast milk.

She was my inspiration to breast feed when I had my daughter four years later. I was a bit modest with my first, making sure to cover up when ever I fed her in public. With my second child, I wasn’t as modest. I never hid in the bathrooms when I fed my children. I continued to breast feed my girls until they were both around 18 months old. I let them decided they were “finished” with me and wanted to drink from a cup.

I would have been honored to recieve a thank you card from someone. I do hope I was able to inspire someone the way my sister inspired me!!! Kudos to all the moms who make the decision to breast feed their children!!!


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