Traveling With a Toddler — Day 5: Train Ride, Farm Life, and More Vacuums

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 12, 2009

Recounting the fifth day of our Germany trip:

One of my best girlfriends, Danja, who I have known since we were three, invited us to come over for breakfast. We had a nice time with her and two other girlfriends.

HB 5 fruest

I am always the one behind the camera, so I am glad I asked Danja to take a picture of us.

HB 5 us

I noticed that L had taken off to another room and was suspiciously quiet, and what do I find? What is it with this love for vacuums?

HB 5 vac

We stayed for a few hours and then went back to my parent’s house, where L napped and I packed for our trip to the country. We always visit my girlfriend Karen, who lives on a farm with her husband and two little boys. As a city kid, I would spend time on a farm in the summers as a teenager, and I met Karen because she had her pony boarded there.

It is wonderful to have been friends for so long that we can always pick up right where we left off six months or a year earlier, and that we now get to enjoy our sons together. Her son Thore, 5, is my godson, and Thilo is 3. They live an hour away from Bremen and have pigs, ponies, two dogs, and plenty of farm vehicles — a virtual paradise for kids.

Nani took us to the little train station near my parent’s house. It is so nice to have reliable public transportation in Germany to get everywhere. Look at our hair! A train must have gone by at that moment.

HB 5 Nani L 2

L was on the lookout for cows. He is totally into Thomas the train — or any train for that matter — right now, so he absolutely loved getting to be on one. On this trip I realized how much he has grown up since the last trip six months ago, he gets so much more exited about being on the plane and the train.

HB 5 L train

Karen picked us up with the boys and we were hardly out of the car when they ran into the stables to see the ponies. The dogs, Arnie and Chilly Pepper, followed us wherever we went. L enjoyed feeding the ponies some hay and Thore showed him how to lick his finger and run it across the salt stone to get his fingers salty. Oh, so hygenic after the ponies just licked it!

HB 5 horses

Then the boys played with all the kid’s toys outside for a while.

HB 5 Thi L treck

This is one of my favorite pictures of our whole trip:

HB 5 3 boys

Picking and eating tiny forrest strawberries and raspberries was my favorite part of the day. This is how life should be — I was enjoying every minute of these simple, precious moments with a dear friend, her boys, and my little one.

HB 5 erdb

Later, we checked out one of the large Trecker they have on the farm. I had a hard time getting L off of it again, he had such a great time up there with T and T.

HB 5 teck

A neigbor of Karen’s happened to take out his little pony Kutsche for a spin, and L got to say hello to the little Shetland ponies.

HB 5 kut

“Sorry, Thilo, I just have to clean something real quick.” Did you think L would pass up the chance to find the next vacuum to play with?

HB 5 Thi L vac

Little buddies, in their jammies after dinner and a fun day of adventures.

HB 5 L Tho

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Scenic Train Ride August 9, 2010 at 2:33 AM

I came across your blog searching about train rides, and I was delighted to accidentally come upon this article. Those boys are just the cutest, I especially like the picture with the plastic tractor. Thanks for making my day.


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