How to Save a Lot of Money at the Supermarket

by Dagmar Bleasdale on July 18, 2009

How to Save a Lot of Money

I haven’t written about my frugal ways in a while, so here we go — I wanted to share how I saved 30 percent off my supermarket grocery bill!

Don’s sister Lisa invited us to attend Much Ado About Nothing at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival at Boscobel, and I went to A&P to pick up some provisions we needed for the picnic we were going to have on the beautiful grounds before the play.

Since L was in preschool, and shopping was a little easier and more relaxed than usual, I ended up buying more than anticipated.

This is what I bought:

8 Lean Cuisine dinners (on sale for $1.99 each minus $1.50 A & P coupon)
2 x 4 Dole mandarin oranges cups (L loves these)
2 organic yogurts (store brand, sale)
1 organic Stonyfield 3 in 1 meals yogurt (new product)
1 loaf of whole wheat bread (sale)
2 packs of organic strawberries (sale)
2 packs of blueberries (sale)
2 bags of organic grapes (sale)
1 bag of cherries
2 organic bananas
1 box of organic salad (sale)
2 packs of reduced fat, kosher hot dogs (sale)
1 grated Parmesan (sale)
1 pack natural turkey (sale)
8-pack of Motts for Tots juice (half water)
1 back of 60 paper cups (store brand, sale)
1 bottle honey mustard (sale)

I paid $80.39 for all of this, and saved $23.67, which means I almost saved 30 percent!

I usually would not buy pricey cherries, but they are on my to-get list for the picnic. My savings would’ve been even better without them.

How did I save that much money?

– Most of the savings resulted from buying things on sale and using the A&P store card I signed up for. Those store discount cards are free and you’d be a fool not to sign up for them.

Here is a little tip: I don’t like to give out my address and e-mail, so I just fill out the application giving them the minimum of information, or slightly fudged information, but then you also don’t receive their coupons.

I also have a Stop & Shop, ShopRite, and CVS card. Too bad that Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer one of these cards! At the checkout, I received another A&P $1.50 coupon and a $1.00 coupon for Scott naturals wipes.

– I always compare the store brand/generic to the brand product and often decide that I don’t need the brand product. If there is only a little difference price-wise, I might buy the brand product if I think it tastes better.

– The organic grapes were the same price than the sprayed kind, so guess which ones I chose? I always look at both products and often they are almost the same price. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to buy organic products!

– The yogurt meal comes with a buy 2-get 1 coupon. In theory, this is a great preschool snack for L — if I can get him to eat it. That’s questionable after I read that it’s a peach and squash yogurt. Ugh…

– The bottom of the receipt said that I have saved $996.06 since we moved to New York two years ago, and that is just at the A&P.

Not a bad frugal day — now I can indulge in my new love for scratch-off tickets.

Ten, please — I want an extra $500 every month for life!

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Firefly July 19, 2009 at 6:59 AM

I love store cards, you can save so much with them. Have one for every store I go to :) You got some awesome things, now I want to eat some strawberries :) will have to wait till tomorrow and a quick store trip ;)


ANTOINETTE July 19, 2009 at 1:55 AM

I love grocery shopping! It’s a thrill to see how much I can save (almost like a game). I do the exact same, if the generic brand is about the same price as the real thing I go for the real thing. I always have the cashier look at me amazed at how much I saved and say “Wow, you saved $—“, as if I didn’t know and make that my goal. Anyways, keep on saving:)


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