Traveling with a Toddler — Day 1: Airplane and Car Rides

by Dagmar Bleasdale on June 25, 2009

Since I wasn’t able to blog much while away, I want to recount my Germany trip with Landon and share the many great pictures I took:

Landon and I flew from Newark, NY (around 5 p.m.), to Hamburg, Germany, to make our every-six-months-or-so pilgrimage to my parents and to see my friends.

Don drove us to the airport and helped me check in and get through security, which took almost two hours! Not that much fun with a toddler who wants to run around.

My mother/Nani picked us up in Hamburg, and after an almost eight-hour flight we drove another 1 1/2 hours to get to Bremen, where I grew up. My parents still live in the same house, which is beautiful and large on a corner lot with a garden that is my mother’s pride.

Landon did pretty well during the whole flight. He sat just fine in his harness during takeoff, which I rented for $20 from What a great deal! They have everything you need for traveling with kids — across town or around the world.


After the first trip to the bathroom he kept wanting to go back there and kept saying he has to go poopy. Since I am toilet training him and want to enforce that I believe him when he says he needs to go, I kept going back with him. After the third time of him just wanting to wash his hand, I caught on.

I purposely bought a few new toys for L that would work on that little tray table in front of him, one of them being this little monkey who walks and makes music.


The toy that still keeps him occupied the most are the headphones, he loves to plug and unplug them into the holes in the armrests. I tried to get him interested in a few kids programs Continental offers, but no luck. I wish they had The Wiggles!

I’m considering buying one of those portable DVD players for future trips so I can play them for him. He doesn’t move a muscle when he watches them, he loves them so much (fruit salad — yummy, yummy!).


I don’t think I got any sleep. I ended up watching half a movie after Landon finally fell asleep nursing at the end of the flight. But he just slept an hour or two, so here is a picture of a very tired little boy in his 5-in-1 Sit ‘N’ Stroll stroller/car seat.

It’s an absolute lifesaver when traveling with little kids (just like the Maya wrap). I have had it since Landon was born and still use it after I read that it is safe for kids up to 40 pounds.

Unfortunately, it is too big for use inside the plane, that’s why I rented the harness now that L has to pay for and sits in his own seat (I used to always have him in the Maya wrap before).


Landon had another good nap in the car, after I unbuckled myself and nursed him while he sat in his car seat (yes, I am quite the contortion artist), but I didn’t sleep again.

When we arrived at our house, we greeted Papa/Opa and sat down for a meal of wonderful, hearty German bread and cheese and salami.

I unpacked a little bit while Nani played with L and then we took a nap. Afterward, he helped Nani prepare the white asparagus (delicious and in season at this time of year) for the next day, and we finally hit the hay around 11 p.m. German time. Man, was I pooped!


Not too bad of a day, considering I traveled around the world with a toddler.

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SagePixie August 29, 2009 at 5:06 AM

Wow! what a great little world traveler you have there!


Becki June 26, 2009 at 2:51 AM

Glad you had an uneventful trip :) Sounds like you’ve got a great traveler on your hands!


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