Decision-Making Made Easier — 10-10-10 By Suzy Welch

by Dagmar Bleasdale on April 19, 2009

10-10-10 by Suzy Welch, book review,

I had the pleasure to review a new self-help book written by Suzy Welch: 10-10-10 — A Life-Transforming Idea (Scribner, 2009, $24).

She is a former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review and a columnist for O The Oprah Magazine. She co-wrote, with her husband Jack Welch, the New York Times bestseller Winning and also writes a column, “The Welch Way,” with him for BusinessWeek magazine.

10-10-10 By Suzy Welch

The subtitle of this excellent book is a little vague and doesn’t serve the book well. This book is all about helping you make decisions in life — the small ones and the really large ones.

By asking yourself three questions — “What are the consequences of each of my options in 10 minutes, in 10 months, and in 10 years?” — Suzy Welch believes you can make much better choices in your life.

While reading the book I kept writing names in the margins — this would help Lisa, this is something my husband needs to read (who is struggling to figure out his next career move), and this is what Ruth is grappling with right now.

This book has so many applications — for relationships, work, parenting, and friendships — that it can be helpful for everyone who reads it, young and old, rich or poor.

Now, there is no easy step-by-step guide, and you will have to ask yourself some though questions to apply this 10-10-10 approach, but Suzy gives so many examples of how it has helped her and many other people, there is sure to be one you can identify with.

I have always been someone who figures out decisions by herself, and I trust my gut feeling. This book made me rethink that process. Suzy Welch points out that going with your instinct might work in the short run but that one often forgets to consider the long-term, 10-year, ramifications of an important decision.

I believe that is probably very likely. I will apply the 10-10-10 technique to help me decide if I want to send my little son to preschool for 8 hours a week this year. Would it benefit him or not? I think by using the 10-10-10 process, I will come to the right decision.

Apart from being an excellent self-help book that will make your life so much easier when it comes to the small and big choices you have to make every day, this is also a great read about a mom/businesswoman’s journey and her passion to share her 10-10-10 approach with as many people as possible.

Oprah loves her, and so will you!

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