Review: Organic “My Natural” miYim Plush Toys

by Dagmar Bleasdale on March 6, 2009


We received a package two days ago that Landon (and I!) could not wait to open. We received two soft plush toys from the My Natural Toy line.

They are made by Hosung, the makers of miYim Organic toys, a Brooklyn-based company that created these and many other cute, cuddly characters out of organic, environmentally friendly materials.

The frog, Baby Ben Plush Frog, and the owl, are made out of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, 100 percent organic cotton. The company dyes the cotton with colors made from flowers like Gardenia, using the PureWaterWash process. What more could you ask for as a parent?

After all the scares of toys manufactured with lead, it is nice to be able to buy a product that is completely safe for your children. And all their products are so sweet, take a look at their website!

The frog wears the cutest hemp overalls and comes in a pretty, sturdy box made out of recycled materials (and you know me, I’m all about recycling! I’ll probably reuse the box to store photos).

Landon was all over the little frog; he checked him out and gave him a big hug! I think they will be buddies for a long time.


Landon has been playing with “froggy” for two days now. He is less interested in the owl, I think because of its shape, which is not so easy to grip for little toddler hands.

But I like the fact that he now also has an owl in his collection of stuffed animals, something different from all the teddy bears.

These are great “green” toys for your little one, and they make great gifts as well! These two and other My Natural miYim toys are available at Target.

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Nicole March 6, 2009 at 10:11 AM

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