How to Cure Pinkeye and Other Random Thoughts

by Dagmar Bleasdale on March 23, 2009

L music classJust a few random thoughts:

— I finally finished proofreading the Social Welfare Policy textbook, yay! Now I can breath again! It’s been a loooong week, many nights after 1 a.m. But I made some okay money and am so much smarter when it comes to social welfare issues :)

— Do other 2-years-5-month-old boys sing Happy Birthday to their mother, in tune? (It’s not my birthday, but his aunt Lisa just had a birthday, and Landon likes to hum the song). Landon and I were cuddling in bed — he wanted another ba ba snack after his nap before he got up — and he just started singing the birthday song to me, inserting “mom” and “mommy” at the right spots. And he was totally in tune. It was so cute! (Oh, and I promised I would not be one of those moms who gushes about her kid! I guess it can’t be helped sometimes.)

music class bells

Landon is very musical and a great dancer. Because we want to encourage that talent, we have had him in music class for a year or so now. He loves to go see his teacher Ernie at Music Together. It’s a music and movement approach to early childhood music development for small children (infants through kindergarten) that strongly emphasizes adult involvement. Landon is especially fond of violins (he calls them “why lyns”) and likes to pretend to play one. Write me and tell me when your kid started singing Happy Birthday (in tune)!

— Curing pinkeye with breast milk works! Two nights ago I noticed that my eye was red and oozed yellow stuff, and I assume that means I have pinkeye (I have never had it before). So I thought I try what I have previously written about (see entry), that breast milk cures (almost) everything! My eye is still a little red, but it is getting better. Hooray for breast milk!

— Didn’t work out, should have. . .  Maybe tomorrow, if I get a lot of work done tonight (I have to glance through 600 pages of a manuscript, copyedit a sample, and write an estimate for the writer. Ugh, another long night…). Those Sane Fitness cards will come in handy soon, I hope.

— We need tissues, milk, fruit. . .

— I just read the new blog entry of my sister-in-law Lisa and almost cried. She is such a great writer. It’s a poem/post about what it feels like to be a mother, a letter to herself. It is so eloquent and honest, I urge you to read it.

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama November 7, 2009 at 6:22 AM

My son’s the same age as yours was here, and I can tell you that he loooves the Happy Birthday song but canNOT sing in tune. So that is pretty impressive. :)


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